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All hail the BBQ 2013 thread!!!

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His fuck around and find out moment has hit him hard.
Too late.

Copied from FB...

I Ben Banwait am truly so sorry for offending the drag show, LGBTQ community, with my remarks and video. I should know better as a father, husband and more importantly to be the best human being promoting love and peace. I have failed my family, the hamilton community with my crazy remarks, and again coming from the heart I am SORRY. I have been residing in Hamilton for over a year and half, and have met made many new relationships and friends. in this amazing city. I am human being who made a mistake in which some or most will not forgive me, but i am owning up to my insane remarks, very humbly sorry, and sincerley hope i can gain your trust again. Words have consequences and the last 24 hours have not been easy. We are a small takeout restaurant who love the Hamilton community, love the Ti Cats, and most of all the people. The people of Hamilton have genuinly the most welcoming people and generous.
The LGBTQ community i again apologize for my words, actions as hate, bigotry have no place in this world. I am truly sorry again hope you can consider my apology genuine, and again im ashamed of myself.