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Alix Alvarez (NYC) online "reflections" mix & bio...


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dj/producer alix alvarez

"Reflections", ( play or download )

"reflections" features Alix's own original productions & remixes... this guy has some serious talent!



As a well-respected up and coming talent, Alix Alvarez is blazing a trail for young and exciting producers like himself. He has begun to create his own niche in the music industry by establishing himself through music production. At the age of 24 he has worked with some of the industry’s top artists and produced for some of the world’s best underground dance labels. From working in the studio with Osunlade on remix projects to collaborating on new material with Lem Springsteen (Mood II Swing), this self taught musician has already made his own imprint in the world of underground dance music.

Born and raised in the Bronx, NY, Alix grew up around a mixture of music. Hip-hop, R&B and salsa were a daily consumption of Alix’s musical diet. That appetite further grew when Alix was introduced to the turntables at the age of 12. He quickly abandoned sports and other activities so he could spend time blending and cutting up records, though he wouldn’t realize the full effect DJing until being exposed to the club scene in his later teens. One party in particular was The Shelter at Club Vinyl where Timmy Regisford held court every Saturday night. This was Alix’s first taste of underground nightlife. It was around this time that he befriended DJ Adam Scott who would later go on to become one of Alix’s mentors. Adam had just begun his weekly residency at the now defunct Legends party where Alix began frequenting. These two underground institutions played a vital role in shaping Alix‘s sound. Inspired by both the music and the DJ’s he began to promote himself by selling his mixed tapes on the streets. His determination to make a name for himself as a DJ was the first step in Alix‘s musical evolution. The next step would be to create the music he loved.

Alix began school at the Institute of Audio Research in Manhattan to study audio engineering where he graduated as one of the top students in his class. It wasn’t long before his hard work in school paid off. His interest in learning about the recoding studio eventually led him to an assistant engineer position at Masters At Work (MAW) studios owned by “Little” Louie Vega and Kenny “Dope” Gonzales (Masters At Work). It was his experience and training at MAW that helped him develop studio engineering skills as he was already beginning to produce and write his own deep house gems.

To date, Alix has produced and remixed records for some of the worlds most respected deep house labels. The underground smash “Rising into Joy” which he produced and co-wrote with veteran singer Arnold Jarvis was released on Blackvinyl records in spring of 2002. It received critical acclaim for it’s sensual vocals and smooth glistening production. This is just one example of many records that has Alix’s deep, sultry; jazz influenced production style written all over it. Along side “Rising into Joy” his other original production work also includes the “Nu Breed E.P.”(Essence) and the “Reflections E.P.”(Dancetracks). Some of his remix work includes Tortured Soul “How’s your life?” (Central Park), Amy Helm “Own way home” (Hipbone), “The Anthem” (Underground Collective) Chi’ “Mistaken” (Bitches Brew), The Moves “If you leave now” (Central Park), and Luna “Alone” (Distant). He continues to add to that list as his production skills get tighter with each new release.

While Alix puts his main focus on production, his skills are just as sharp when it comes to DJing. He has rocked crowds all over NYC including underground hot spots like Bang the Party and Underground Collective as well as holding down a weekly residency, “Sole Channel”, with his partner DJ Mr.V, another up and coming talent from NYC. This unique Saturday night party has gained a respectable buzz on the scene for its funky party atmosphere based around a mix of deep house grooves, knowledge of rare classics and blend of party people that like to get down.

While continuously cultivating his sound and musical ability, Alix has established himself as a force to be reckoned with now and in the near future. Maintaining longevity and credibility through his music are vital to Alix’s success. If his accomplishments are any indication as to where he is headed, we have much to look forward to. Stay tuned! The best part is soon to follow...