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alieninflux + promise + fukhouse NYE

Temper Tantrum

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That was hands down the best NYE party I have been to in eons. The venue was perfect, the vibe was great, and there was more than one washroom ;)

SICK tunes, Mr. Gibbs threw down especially well. I will post a more detailed review later but I just wanted to get the ball rolling.

Great to see the usual suspects out, and some faces i've really missed :)


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Agreed. That was a smart venue and setup, a diverse crowd of people just having fun. It was nice to see familiar faces, and I even got a Dumb-Unit t-shirt! (Thanks Jeremy!)


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This was THE best New Year's Eve party, without a doubt: the venue, the vibe, the people, the lighting (Promise boys, you always get that right! :))
I had all kinds of fun.
Music when I walked in sometime before 3 in the front room was warm and good, back room was hard and good.

My only regret is that I faded shortly before Hali came on; things were getting just a bit too trancey for me at that point - I needed that real thump to keep me going.
Temper Tantrum, based on your pictures I think we said hi last night. Don't know if I got your resolution though - wait for the write-up.


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i pretty much had the best time ever last night!!!

so glad we decided to go at the last minute...the venue was cool, the people were friendly. i loved, loved, loved the music in the back room (i had no clue who was on, which was kinda refreshing!), and danced my ass off, which was no easy task, being that i was still crippled from montreal on friday. good times! :D considering that we lost all the people we came with within minutes of setting food inside, i'm surprised i even ran into a few familiar faces in the dark.

now, back to hibernation for the next few months...


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i had a great time. I can't really comment too much on the music as i spent most of the evening hanging with an old mate.

But the venue, crowd, and organization were bang on.


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Great event. Venue was excellent, music right on, vibe tight. When you only go partying once or twice a year, it's brilliant when you manage to find an event like this. 9/10 (it would have been 10/10 if they'd had more sound... The dark back room desperately needed another stack at the back). :)


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WOW!!! what a party to ring in the new year! techno techno techno! I'd never been out to hear techno dj's before but i'm a true lover of the genre now. noah pred, you rocked the place HUGE, even played some rockers that i was groovin' to on the bus ride to TO. adam marshall was also another huge highlight, great tunes were played from beginning to end.

the venue was so cool, a great amount of space for the people there, the dark techno room wasn't too rammed which was nice and i loved the steps at the back of the room for dancing and hanging out. I agree another stack at the back would have filled the sound out a bit more but i didn't mind as it made a good spot to chat with new people.

met some really cool people, everyone was really nice and approachable. I hope to run into these people again at another party. the bar staff were awesome and $2 waters, very reasonable. rocked out to some nice downtempo world jams in the smaller room, loved the images projected on the walls.

overall a great night out with new people, new friends, and all of it to kick off a new year! easily the best party in the city for 2008.

Temper Tantrum

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Fuckin eh' ! I'm going to upload some photos soon. I want to go back NOW what a sick party. Definetly glad we ended up here!

props to the promise/alienflux/fukhouse crew, i'd never been to one of your parties before and this one was wicked :)


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on new year's eve day my boyfriend and i proceeded to clean his entire apartment. then at noon we started in on preparing the tapas feast we were making. we had already prepped the night before for a couple of hours, but we still managed to spend 7 hours cooking, right up until people started showing up.

well... the drinking, the spliffs and the running around since morning took its tole. we celebrated the New Year at home and then took off for Promise.

I was there for an hour, tops, before we had to call it a night. even with some "help", i couldn't muster the energy or enthusiasm to stay, which i was pretty dissapointed about.

despite this, i can still say that the venue was beautiful, the people were genuinely having a great time, there was no crazy crowding, and the music was TIGHT (i don't know who was playing at around 12:30-1:30, but he was killing it).

good job promise boys. wish i hadn't been such a lamer. will there be more parties at this venue? *crosses fingers*


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That whole night was perfect in every way. No cab issues whatsoever, great friends, people I haven't seen for far too long, amazing music, awesome venue and the bathroom situation was just fine! The indoor smoking loading dock was awesome - us bad habiters got a place to smoke without having to deal with either a) freezing our asses off or b) bothering with getting coat out of coat check, go outside, then returning coat to coat check, and the dancing areas of the venue got to stay nice and smoke free for easier breathing for all.

the DJs in the "dark room" where fucking amazing, all of them! I danced all night! and boy was it ever a "dark room" - which worried me at first as I had forgotten my phone at the pre-party, so i thought trying to find my friends was going to be a disaster, but it all worked out just fine - like my apprehensions about finding a cab to get there on NYE, it turned out to be a fairly unfounded worry, i found my peeps and we found a "home" on the dancefloor to always return to.

my only regret was realizing i had been away from my friends for too long and they might be looking for me and abandoning the cute guy i was talking to in the smoking room. i think he told me his name but i don't even remember that!

Thanks so much, Justin, Dave, Irving, Ian, Noah and Paul (that's all of you, right?) I can't imagine a better way to ring in the new year!


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adam sheik ?sp? was dropping some hella dope mid tempo breaks around 3 or so, so nice, that room was really great


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Well - I think we showed up RIGHT as things were kicking into high gear (around 2 am or so) and after the trouble getting a cab and the long coat check line, was feeling it a little hard to chill out for a bit.

Comin in at peak time meant there was hardly a place you could stand without people milling by you constantly - traffic flow was a little crazy on account of the space not being designed for it.

We caught the tail end of Caulfield and then Marshall came on.

We hopped back and forth between the rooms, trying to catch the vibe but failed.

Ended up having some good moments with friends during Mike Gibbs set, but we ended up leaving a little underwhelmed by the music. It was unfortunate we ran out of steam just as Hali was warming up - sounded sick!

Don't get me wrong - the space was great! Very well done and impressive.

It was just a weird mix for us and we ended up not "clicking" with the party.

Seemed like a lot of new and unfamiliar faces as well! New Years brings out EVERYBODY I guess! ;)


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I had a great time at this party! We arrived around 11:30 and entry was seamless - no line to get in, no line at coat check. At this time, navigation was pretty easy and bathroom line ups were tolerable.

I LOVED the dark room. It's been aaaaages since I've danced in a room that dark and it was much appreciated. The risers were a great touch too; it was nice to dance without people bumping in to me.

I left shortly after JPC's set as I was losing steam, but his set (more so the first half) kept me dancing. I didn't spend any time in the down-tempo room. The chill room was a nice touch!

This was the first party I had been to in almost a year, and what a good one to choose. Thanks folks! :)


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Fantastik party! NYE has been one of the if not the best party of the year for well over a decade for me. This night was no different.
$40 @ the door. Awesome eclectic crowd. Serious happy vibe.
Music not my preferred genre but I still enjoyed it.
That techno room was like a mini Boa with the levels. Loved it!
Only complaint was the long wait for bathrooms, so I had to quit drinking.
Great job Promise, can't wait for the next.

Destro Sanchez

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back on earth again.

besides the coke raging asshole in the bathroom lineup who butted back in the long line after finding some bitch to lace him up....it was the best party of the year IMO (next to the Kode9 live set at Mutek)

SOOOOO dark. loved it. wish all parties were this dark. People are less conscious about their dancing and appearance.

Music was OK, but until one point, but then it was pretty early in the morning and time for us to walk home in the rain.

Besides the few khunts who get the gasface (those 3 pushy ginos, screwface blond grrl and that lineup jerk) the party was full of standup people. Lots of people who I only ever see at Harvest! (Jai, Bean, Tom, etc..edit: PRIM-AL and Lord Gilles too!)
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haha i think i was right there when that dude just ran into the bathroom when the door opened... completely oblivious of the lineup outside of it.
if you were the same guy who was next in line and who i made one of those 'shoulder-shrug-eye-contacts' with, good on ya for letting him go... there's really no point at that point ya know? :)

anyway... i had a wicked wicked time too. noah pred f'n kiiiiiilled it. pure pumping beats. loved the dark room... danced lots and lots... and shot the shit w/ all the regular friends i always see at these parties...

respect to the promoters, dj's and everyone else who made this such an awesome night... :)

2008!! One love...


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besides the coke raging asshole in the bathroom lineup who butted back in the long line after finding some bitch to lace him up
umm, then there was the guy who threw up all over a friend of mine around 4:30..

great party though, really great party :)


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I loved this party:

I didn't think I could enjoy a New Year's Party this much or this completely. I admired the venue, I appreciated the music (which normally is hard for me! If there's no breakcore, experimental ambient/drone/noise, IDM or dubstep sets), the crowd was sociable and diverse, there were many convenient, comfortable and distinct areas to sit, dance, drink, lose it, chill, speed up, slow down, smoke (an especial plus! Great little side Smoking Room)...

This event might have been my favourite and best New Year's party, possible ever. [The only flaw in my whole evening was that Dylan wasn't there (as he was working/partying across the border that night) but beyond that]: I danced, I smiled, I was almost absurdly content pretty much the entire time. Also I didn't get sick, I didn't lose things, I didn't pass out in a back bathroom stall, I lost but then found all my crew, I didn't overdue it with drugs and alcohol, overall:


Thanks extremely to every promoter and organizer.
I hope New Year's Eve 2008 will be every bit as sweet & delicious.



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For some reason i didn't click with this party which i found wierd....and also i still spent hours waiting in line for the washroom arrrrggghhhhh

Nice to see a few faces i haven't seen in awhile but i wasn't much the conversationalist......I'm uspet it didn't mesh with me....but Jai seemed to have a good time

glych t.anomaly

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yeah i decided after hitting this party i need to get out more.

got to the party around 2 ish and i was there to catch the end of Jpcaufield, see noah, adam marshal, and pantone, before we bailed, i danced peridocially throughout the night when the tracks called to me, and i found myself rocking out hard as hell, but i found there was some lulls in the either the transitions or the programming.

regardless, the people totally made it worthwhile my beautiful baby BEM, destro and his fair lady, bean, rents great talking to you even though it was only 5 mins :), gilles and al and steve of course, dorianne, andrew if you read this, i couldnt find you from when i saw you at the beginning of the party. oh yeah gasper you too !

i loved the techno room, basically spent the entire party there and or in the puffin room, all in all , i had a blast, great NYE :)

and again, i need to get out more, i had kinda of stopped going out excpet for key parties intermitently throughout the year and harvest of course, but im missing it, so i have a feeling ill be seeing more peeps out and about.


3 years in a row i have hit these parties and they are my # 1 choice every NYE, peace all and thanks again.



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Come to think of it - I hadn't really seen you since harvest.

Finding you and Destro in that corner there gave us the chance to enjoy the party for a bit...;)

Hope to throw it down before 3 months go by!


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i voted this party for party of the year already. the best new years i've ever been too. and it had the bustling vibe (and smell) of some super underground party circa 1995. in fact, i even saw some heads from back in those days too. filled with elegant decor and lighting, great sound, hardfloor floors, and friendly/fun people have the time of their lives. much congrads to Justin, Lana, Dave, Irving, Ian, and Paul and all the crews for always raising the bar, over and over again!

i hope this is a sign of how the party scene is going to be for the rest of the year! much love and respect!