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ALIEN IN FLUX!!!!! Was the BEST party of the past 2 years!!!!

The Electrician

TRIBE Promoter
I went out to the Alien party this weekend... and let me tell you they still to this day continue to have the best and the most create parties out of ALL companied who throw parties...

the vibe was tight, the atmosphere was intense and everyone was 'avin a great time!

the Dj's and Live Pa's were some of the best techno I have heard in a long while. Adam Marshall and octave one were Totally Gun shot accurate! Amazing guys!

Congrats to the Alien crew... you still got it!!!

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


TRIBE Member
have to give this party more respect...arrived around 1am & vaguely remembered hearing sketchy stories about stardust...however after travelling down the long crazy tunnel of garbage bags & seeing some familiar faces knew this was going to be quite the event...

wandered upstairs first while our group assembled...started into a little reggae, & we headed downstairs to the main party...i believe adam marshall was spinning when we got downstairs...dark & really atmospheric, & everyone was having a good time...of course the bar was still open, so caught a few beverages for last call...

as noted by the electrician the djs & live pas were incredible...(w/ the exception of having no sequencer which meant a few stops & starts b/n tracks, but the music was sweet!!!)...& full respect to the female dj who was on in the early morning hours, really nice pounding techno, wicked set...believe we were there til almost the end, but those who remained were still dancing @ 7 am...

so big props to alien for this party (actually i guess alieninflux & labelledblack) & i hope to make my plans work out & check out the machina parties in the upcoming weeks...