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Alicia Hush and Sydney Blu @ Gravity a.k.a OMGWTFBBQ

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I was starting to feel very concerned about the quality of dance music events in K-W, but it seems there is a now a new home on Saturday nights!

The decor and layout of Gravity was the same as it's been under so many other club names in the past. However, the overall feel in the place was a huge improvement. An energetic and attractive crowd comfortably filled the venue last night. More hands-in-the-air and big smiles on a dancefloor than I have seen in quite a while.

Alicia Hush laid down yet another wicked set. From the times I've seen her spin I can easily state she is one of the most consistent DJs in the local area and really knows how to get the crowd moving. After the solid opening it was on to Sydney Blu....

This was the first time I've had the chance to see her play, but it is definately not going to be the last. This house set overwhelmed to say the least and left me exhasted yet enthused. Spot-on mixing that got the crowd worked into a frenzy at points, then smoothed the mood over with some mellow, sexy tracks as well. She really took the crowd on a journey with her set.

Great night out, I will definately be back to Gravity to see if they can live up to a night like this again.

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