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Ali Black at Hush on Friday


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I had such a good time at Hush on Friday I feel compelled to write a review. I've been there a few times but last night was just a total blast.

Of course, I was totally hammered when we showed up at like 11:30 from dinner at Bar Italia - they enhanced the menu there btw and I totally recommend checking that place out again if you haven't been in a while.

Anyways, back to Hush - there weren't too many people when we showed but then the place filled up nicely. I love it when a place has people but not too many people.

Lots of ladies (yes, it was like The Bachelor) and lots of peeps getting down to the sweet tunes of Ali Black. I haven't heard him play in a while and he was really en fuego. He's certainly one of the more underrated djs in this town. A good mix of deep and chicago house so a little something for everyone's ass.

He's playing there ever 2nd and 3rd Friday and I totally recommend this night for anybody looking to get down with some friends.

The Hush staff really impressed me last night. I used to think the service sucked there but I guess I was wrong. Very friendly and helpful all night.

Anyways, word up to Hush and word up to last night. I was so hung in my gmat prep course this morning, I was could barely walk. Needless to say Train X and Train Y problems were slightly problematic for me.
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