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Ali Ajami, Jas(aka Chonga), Steven Caicedo & Big Al @ Stereo this Friday


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Hey guys!

Just wanted to let ya know about Proton Radio's first party!
April 12th @ Stereo in Montreal. First 200 people get a free cd!
Ali Ajami, Jas (aka Chonga), Steven Caicedo and Big Al. The names you know (if you don't you should :p). It's gonna be a CRAZY party. Hope you can all make it :)

Our next party is gonna be with Moshic, Tone Depth, Steven Caicedo and Big Al! Wheeee.. that'll be another great party.. once a month for now! Stay tuned for more! :D

for more info.

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cheers for bringin in Jas!
geers for throwing the party during my exams :p

Respect from bringing in Moshic, I'm definetly going to check that.

Bring in Barry Robb (aka Sphere), and Basetti
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