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alcohol you cant drink....


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you know there was one time when you were being a dumbass and drank too much ___________ [fill in the blank], and now you cant drink __________[fill in the blank] again

what is it that you can no longer drink ?

and more importantly recount the story.....

bitches !

q u a n t u m i z e
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rum is pure evil to me
one night with a video camera and too much rum will make me not touch the stuff again...

I used to drink southern comfort straight shots when i was a wee 17 yr old ...i cannot do that now

Ditto Much

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Bacardi Rum - the very smell of it reminds me of the time I drank a 40 one night and nearly killed myself.

Lemon Gin - nobody over the age of 16 can drink this stuff. Although one of the greatest liquid panty removers ever brought to market.
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Whiskey and karate-chopping the open tray of my brand new CD burner during my residence days.

Oh and from the same night, whiskey and falling through the closed sliding door of my residence shower.

Oh and whiskey and blacking out for several hours, causing me to miss New Years Eve 1997.

So yeah, whiskey.


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prom party. i was 17. a friend and i were slugging it back straight. stupidly, may i add.
that was the only time in my entire life that i got blackouts and tunnel vision from being so tanked.

i can't even smell the stuff anymore.


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smokeyes : i have seen no pics, but from your posts your geting hotter and hotter

lol'ing at flashy karate choping the CD tray....
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Gin and anything - first time i got drunk when i was 15, i was drinking Gin, got so sick and to this day cant touch the shit


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JD - barf-fest
Cider - barf-fest, sick till 8pm the day after
Southern Comfort - see above

All three of these made me see double....and wish I were dead.

Strictly vodka, gin and wine for me these days...


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junglegirl said:
I used to drink southern comfort straight shots when i was a wee 17 yr old ...i cannot do that now

Southern Comfort for me too! I once downed a mickey of the stuff in a span of a half hour.

Unless I'm feeling dangerous, never again.
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I have had plenty of bad experiences with Gin, but have to say, I still can't get enough.

I couldn't drink rum(with the exception of Screech...purely psychological) for years but can now handle it in small doses.



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Sambuca......managed to puke in my bed.....or actually....the gap between the wall and my bed.

Never again!
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I was 15 years old and mixed vodka and egg nog 50/50 in a large glass.

My father said you mixed it, you drink it.

I recovered 3 days later and have never enjoyed Vodka again.


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Bacardi Rum.

I was 15, we were all gathering in our favourite coffee shop downtown to drink before the school dance. We realized we were going to be late, so I downed my entire mickey of rum in 15 minutes, then we walked the 3 blocks to the school. Upon entering the dance and checking our jackets, I remember saying to my friends "Aw man, I'm not even drunk. This SUCKS!". Then we enter the gym and about 5 seconds later, my world fades to black.

Nex thing I know, I'm being dragged down the hall by the teachers to some office, I remember thinking "I can't see!" (really my eyes wouldn't open).

Then I'm sitting in the office, bobbing my head, noticing a police officer looking at me.

Then I wake up in my bed at home, still in my clothes from the dance. Raging hangover, my mom comes in to yell at me, my dad wouldn't talk to me for two days, and I was suspended for 3 days from school! Yay! I got vacation for being drunk!


(I should add that my mom said that as we drove away from the school, I rolled the window down and waved goodbye to the teachers and cops saying "Goodbye! Thank you! I'm sorry! Sorry! Bye!")


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terrawrist III said:
tequila...on man.


Same here.

Got fake ID when I was 15 that said I was 21 (woot!) so we decided to celebrate by going shopping.

Got myself a mickey of Sauza white tequila and my buddy got one of Crown Royal.

Decided to match each other shot for shot at a party.

20 minutes later both mickeys are done.

I decide to raid the guys fridge as I'm hungry as all fuck.....and what do I find?

Some milk, a jar of dill pickles and some cold KFC chicken.


30 minutes after I ate that shit.......I don't remember anything.

Until I woke up huddling the toilet at noon the next day.

My mom woke me up and told me to get my ass in bed where she proceeded to pamper me all day with soup and sandwiches cut into triangles.

My mom kicks ass.
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Booty Bits

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southern comfort.

high school...severely underage, multiple pints of beer at the pub followed by SoCo shots in the park.
night finished with me puking into my bedroom garbage can.

and i just don't like gin. no story. just think it tastes like pinesol.
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