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Alchohol Consumption


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So what are you guys drinking tonite?

Going easy and grabbing some beer?
Or going full out and getting some GAGERmeister?

I'll be visiting my close friend :


I can't wait to comsume you!!!



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LOL, atta boy JP :D

I thought about it a few times last night, was all dressed and ready to head out. But only got about 3.5 hrs of sleep that morning before work. And I didn't end up getting a nap in during the day either. I sat on the couch at around 9:30pm and passed out. Woke up with my cat on my lap and the clock pointing to 10:30. Called it quitz right there :p

Yet i'm still tired to even be at work this morning, but tonite......let the inebriation begin! :D



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Originally posted by Jay P
wow did I ever drink too much last night!!

Me too.

I blame Lysistrata and her drunken village adventures which I hadn't planned on being a part of.
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