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Album Recommendations


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Hey, I've turned to breaks and I am looking for some recommendations. I'm not into the breaks that use reggae samples but more into the hybrid/dreamy stuff. Suggestions?


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The Best Mixed CD out there right now is the 'Tribalizm' album mixed by Rennie Pilgrem on TCR.

Tribal breaks with great progression. I love this CD.


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I was disappointed in it.

Hide U and Black Widow were the only standouts....the rest I wasn't happy with.

But DJ Icey - The Essential Element and
DJ Hyper - Bedrock Breaks

Now those blew me away.


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Don't listen to those guys
The best breaks cd around without a doubt is ....
MC MARIO - MixDwon 2002



Sugar D

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The best CD to buy right now has to be the tribute album to Vini Medley. It's a 3 CD set that features the best from the Botchit & Scarper label.

CD 1 is chilled & downtempo (unmixed)
CD 2 is a mix by Atomic Hooligan featuring more dancefloor friendly material
CD3 is a mix of hip hop, garage and drum n bass.

It runs the breakbeat gamut and features some of the early favs as well as some newer material.


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