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Alberta Court vs. Religion

Hi i'm God

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Ok I dont know if anyone else as heard this case but... This girl has lukimia and is being treated with ceimo and blood transfusions Against her will. Her religion restrics them from taking any blood for any reason, yet the hospital and the goverment are forcing them on her to the point that they have to Restrain and Sedate the girl. She wants to be transfered to a hospital in Cali where they preform the same treatment without the use of blood. However the Government says she cant go and are forcing a treatment she does not want.

Any thoughts on this?
I think it's like Rapeing her shes only 16 so they say she's not old enough to understand yet a pyscologist deemed her of sound mind. If there are other methods of treatment then she should be able to go and get them.

Sick teen loses transfusion fight
Religious pressure worries judge

Daryl Slade
Calgary Herald

Chemotherapy involving blood transfusions will continue for a 16-year-old Jehovah's Witness girl with acute myeloid leukemia in the wake of a judge's strongly worded ruling Wednesday.

Court of Queen's Bench Justice Adele Kent rejected the appeal of a lower court decision by the stricken girl's lawyer David Gnam, who had argued his client was a mature minor who had the legal right to refuse treatment contrary to her beliefs.

The judge, in reading her 33-page decision upholding family court Judge Karen Jordan's Feb. 18 ruling, harshly criticized the girl's mother and members of the church who put undue pressure on the teen at Alberta Children's Hospital and made it virtually impossible for her to make an informed decision.

Kent said she could not rely on the stated desires of the girl, because it would not be coming from a free, informed will.

"I could not, not after the pressure that has been placed on her in the last few weeks to maintain her position on blood transfusions," said Kent.

She said the law in Alberta is such that when medical treatment that has been refused is determined to be essential treatment required for the survival or well-being of the child, the provisions of the Child Welfare Act to step in will apply.

Gnam, who had strenuously argued that sedation and restraints to administer the chemo and blood were cruel and unusual, said he would be discussing immediately with his client the merits of an appeal.

"Obviously, I think she will be very disappointed," Gnam said outside court. "She was looking forward to being able to get the treatment that she wished to be able to get.

"But the appropriate treatment in another centre is being denied by Justice Kent. She'll have to think what her next options are."

Kent also had rejected the girl's application to be transferred to Cedars Sinai hospital in Los Angeles to undergo a regimen of chemotherapy without blood transfusions.

"If (the girl) leaves Alberta, she will likely refuse blood transfusions," Kent said. "I have already expressed my doubts about her ability to make that decision. Since treatment is available in Alberta, the court must look to the doctors treating (her).

"(They) are supported by leading North American experts in this field to determine whether this alternate treatment should be used with or without blood."

Bob Calvert, the father's lawyer, said he was thrilled with the ruling as it gives the girl a "really good" chance of living.

He said the decision is a victory for both principle and for the piece of legislation -- the Child Welfare Act.

"It recognizes the ability to intervene if the survival or well-being of the child is affected and the child is under 18," Calvert said. "The principle is that the interests of the children are paramount.

"The judge also recognizes the fact mature minors can make decisions, but if the decisions are harmful, the state can intervene."

Kent said the girl had not yet done a critical analysis of a literal reading of the Bible that prompted Jehovah's Witnesses to prohibit use of blood products for any reason at any time.

She said the Bible was written 17 centuries before William Harvey first explained the function of the heart and blood and 21 centuries before the discovery of treatments that allow doctors to save lives of people diagnosed with probably fatal diseases which require the infusion of blood.

"We (and by that I mean most of society) are of the view that such an analysis necessarily leads to only one answer -- blood transfusions are acceptable," wrote Kent. "Put more starkly, we say that (the girl's) religious beliefs are wrong and we hope sometime before her 18th birthday she understands that and changes her mind."

The girl's father, who broke away from his family and the strict beliefs of the Jehovah's Witness faith in consenting to the treatment, was relieved with the ruling and said he will never regret his stance.

"It's been very difficult, tearing my family apart," he said outside court. "There's only one happy ending, that's if my daughter survives."

The father said he has been shunned by his wife, daughters and members of the church as a result of his stand. But he hoped his family will eventually be reunited.

"It makes me feel ashamed of them," he said, alluding to the parishioners.

"When I meet Jehovah's Witnesses I've known, they don't talk to me. It's rather rude and ignorant to not say hello to someone who's been your friend for 20 years or however many years."

His wife was devastated following the decision. She was consoled by her daughters and several members of the church, who also appeared stunned by the ruling. They left court quickly afterward.

The girl has already undergone two sessions of chemotherapy with 14 blood transfusions since Feb. 18 and is scheduled for two more bouts with another 18 transfusions in the next two to four weeks when she is sufficiently recovered from the initial sessions.

The Calgary Health Region was pleased with the judge's ruling and expressed support and confidence in the physicians and staff who have been delivering and will continue to deliver care for the patient.

"We are extremely proud of our staff and physicians who have provided exemplary, world-class care for this child and all children in the hospital," said Dr. Kabir Jivraj, chief medical officer for the CHR.

Thomm Bokor, the girl's spokesman and on the Hospital Liaison Committee for Jehovah's Witnesses, denied there had been any undue pressures and that refusing and resisting treatments was always her decision alone.

"She has never, ever suggested she's been unduly influenced, that someone is telling her what to do," Bokor said.

"She made an educated decision, an informed decision, in spite of what you might have heard (from the judge) today."

The parents will be back in court June 17 to begin a lengthy custody battle over the sick girl.


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ridiculous. If people want to stray from the help of modern medicine, so be it. Tough call by the judge, hello controversy.

Hi i'm God

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Originally posted by xtollo
ridiculous. If people want to stray from the help of modern medicine, so be it. Tough call by the judge, hello controversy.
Thats also the issue. "Modern" medicine is being practiced in the states that uses a diffrent kind of treatment with out blood. Useing Blood is arcaich(sp) There are so many non blood related products that work just as well.
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Originally posted by Hi i'm God
"Modern" medicine is being practiced in the states that uses a diffrent kind of treatment with out blood
Ya but weren't those beliefs held also before the technology was invented.


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Originally posted by Hi i'm God
I dislike when ppl assume atheists (or ppl against metaphysical assertions being applied into the empirical world) are Satanist. I mean youre simply opening the religious paradigm and then judging from within.
Think outside of the box...

Ps- I know youre are probably just kidding; however, last time i check ignorance wasnt funny.... unless of course Rosey is actually one.... :D


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there are some beliefs in that have valid philiosphocial ground work and then there are others that are pure nonsense. It used to be a tradition in my culture that we shouldnt accept needles because they poisioned the essence of the spirit. however it was only a belief and i would be a fool to not accpept my yearly vacines. if someones religion is in clear contradiction to science and it is effecting thie health they should rethink that component of the religion.
I am native and you dont see my touting the arugment that north america is actually formed of the back of giant turtle do you.
religion has a place in this world as an interesting way of how people constructed thier realites and understadning of the world but that is all. anyone who is willing to let a ridiculas belief overcome thier reason should not be given the support let them suffer i fail to see why our tax dollars should be wasted on such nonsense. well maybe not my taxes since i dont pay but you all should be quite upset
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I don't see a problem with her going down to Cali for treatment, if she and her family were going to pick up the tab. But, to expect the province to pay for it is bullshit.

Perhaps, she should move down to Kansas, where a few years ago, their school system dropped the teaching of evolution and reverted to "creationism" or whatever it's called.



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Originally posted by Hi i'm God
There are so many non blood related products that work just as well.
Oh, really? I'd like you to tell us about them, especially how they can be used in leukemia treatment.

Have they made little nanobots that replace white blood cells?


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this makes me so mad. i'd fucking step on her mother's throat if i ever met her....or at least i'd want to.

her father is being shunned by their community because he supported getting her the medical treatment that might save her life.

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