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Alaska & Paradox???

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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Its a sad, but telling fact that while a scant ten yards away the opera house was packed with people going off to the same old shit, Alaska+Paradox was playing the most interesting D&B heard in Toronto for ages for a thin crowd.

Their loss is our gain however, as the small crowd was treated to a most intimate of live PA's, so intimate he chatted with the crowd in between tunes.

The music? Atmospheric and textural without devolving into meandering, hard beats that never approached mindless pummelling. My only complaint would I wouldve liked it to go on longer.

Shout-outs to those dudes from Buffalo who dropped some good, good house beforehand.

Bring this guy back ASAP!


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anyone who missed alaska and paradox is a straight-up FOOL. paradox dropped some next-level business that reminded all the heads in effect what got us into this stuff in the first place: killer, hard-hitting, sometimes funky, intricate, HYPE breaks and low, chest-rumbling bass.

it was a treat and an honour to look around at the people who made it out...all of whom rushed the dancefloor and were going MENTAL, and be reminded how much FUN jungle can be, when there's a full-out vibe in the place from everyone having a hands-in-the-air good time.

at its best jungle engages the mind and the body, and it renewed my faith in this genre that paradox manages to effectively fuse both.

best line of the night: "all those two-step bastards can go to hell" BO!
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i just wanted to say too, that my suspicion that if anyone could do a live pa right, it'd be paradox was confirmed that night. and anyone who thinks that live dnb consists of a watered down jazz band and a singer, is an IDIOT.

plus paradox is a fun, fun guy with amazing stage presence.

biggups to gamma ray productions, tempaural productions and all who took part.