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If you're new to Akanda we are a non profit project set up to facilitate monthly remix competitions with well respected independent record labels from around the world. We are a learning tool where you can further your skills as a producer and gain greater exposure within the music industry and the labels/artists you respect and admire.

For the month of May we have arranged for you to remix the excellent 'Summertime Cowboy' by Husky Rescue on Catskills Records. This infectious, country infused pop gem is taken off their debut LP 'Country Falls' and is bound to lead to some truly unique interpretations.

Remember, there are no musical boundaries. You don't need to conform to the sound of the original track being remixed. If you're coming from the Hospital comp feel free to turn in a Drum & Bass version, or try your hand at producing something more downbeat. Challenge yourself, learn, do your best and have fun!

DEADLINE - 31/5/06

There was a great response for last months Hospital competition with a rinsing 81 entries.
Thanks to everyone who took time to enter a remix and donate to the site.
All donations will go to a dedicated server to host your remix entries.

Ninja Tune is still being judged with results to follow soon.

Prizes for this months competition come from Catskills, Novation and Addict Clothing Co.


This is not a random spam, I'll be keeping you guys posted on each comp incase any inspire you to get involved.

Adam Akanda

Cheap Ego

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Any word on what the giveaways actually are?

I've got something i'm piecing together..anybody else playing around with these samples/taking a swing at this one?