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AKAI S5000 SAMPLER Still for sale Priced to move now!

The Electrician

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Akai S5000 Sampler For Sale!!!

Akai S5000

After a lot of hard thinking I have deceided to sell my sampler... it was a hard decision.. but one I have made... I'm starting to run out of money, and I need to secure my rent for the next 2 months...

Check all the specs...

My sampler is maxed out in Ram, It also has the 8-out expander so in total there are 16 outputs!!! I didnt buy the effects card b/c anyone who buys that doesnt really know what they are doing b/c it's a peice of shit... (buy a real effects rack, like my ENSONIQ DP4 $350), The USB port was also bought, which is handy as hell. I have the origianl manual and I'll throw in 20 sample disc's to boot. It's upgraded with the latest OS and it's really easy to use... Killer filters... and it wont color your samples like EMU does... what you put in is what you get out!!!

It's in Mint Condition and has been in a smoke free environment... I paid $3150 for this bad boy...

I'm asking $900 Steve's is selling them new for $1700 still....


Easy Wes...

Serious Inquries only plz...
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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holy poop is all I have to say.

This is a badman sampler...no likkle boy toy!

Seriously Wes...WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!?!?! ;)

(p.s. I bought WOMP001 today, just cause I love you.)
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