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Airport Extreme Printing Question


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Ok so I used to have a Linksys router set up for my wireless network and it crapped out so I went and purchased an Airport Extreme.

Now I can't print.

Do I have to uninstall my printer from my computer and then just allow the Airport to manage it?

I've got the printer plugged in to the Airport through the USB connection.

Internet/Wireless work fine, just no printer.



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1. Make sure the printer is recognised by the base station.
2. Select 'Add a new printer' in Windows
3. Select 'Local Printer' in the dialog box (auto detect and install should be off), click next.
4. Choose 'Create a new port' and "Standard TCP/IP Port'. Click next.
5. For the printer IP address, enter the address of the base station ie. The port name will be filled automatically. Click next.
6. For the device type, choose 'your printer name here', then click Finish.
7. Choose your printer from the list and follow the rest of the prompts to install and configure the driver.
Try this.


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And I haven't tried work's fix yet...I'll check it out tomorrow.

Yeah, troubleshooter told me to install Bonjour off the disc but I updated already and it says the newest version of Airport Utility is already installed so I can't get to the installer.

Hrm...I'll try grabbing Bonjour off Apple's site.
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Ok I'm having a problem with the first step.

I can't get the Airport to recognize the printer.

It's directly plugged in to it through USB but it just won't bring it up in the Printers setting.
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