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airplanes are fun


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Sunnyside's good, or further along toward the Humber bridge. You'll see plenty of turns and aerobatics.

I'll be posting pics after the show on Monday.


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I wish the CAF had an acrobatic team based on the hornet, like the Americans do. The t38s are nice little craft but it doesn't have that same wow factor. But i guess with the hornets being 30 years+ old it may not be in show order...


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Great shots! My boys have been looking at their favourite planes all day. They even print out a couple of pictures to hang in their bedrooms. We loved the air show so much we went twice. The one in the air of the Harvard is your best shot.


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I used to be a fighter jet fanatic and still to this day find them absolutely amazing feats of engineering and art - despite what they're designed to do.

My envy for you is strong, Acheron! ;)


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actually was just gonna post this.
they overbooked the flight, and how do they decide that ppl already on the plane have to get off?
united airlines is gonna be dead broke airlines after this

seriously, what is the criteria they used to decide that someone already on the plane is not as important as someone else that they sold the seat to, after having already sold the seat to dude already on the ras clot plane???


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Plus they're not even bumping the passengers for other customers. They were bumped for United employees flying on stand-by who needed to get to Louisville so they can work on Monday! Maybe they should've got on an earlier flight like what normal people would do.

And I call bs on them having a program on their computer to randomly select passengers in situations like this.


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UAL's stock price is not diving.

It dropped to 68.50, has come back up to 71, dropped back to 70 today.

Keeping in mind, of course, that a year ago, when CEO Oscar Munoz had a heart transplant, the stock was trading around $37. Since then the stock has almost doubled under his leadership.

Anyone who thinks the board will jettison Munoz for this incident is dreaming.