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airplanes are fun

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by Mephisto, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. Mephisto

    Mephisto TRIBE Member

    boys and their toys*...
    years ago i had the opportunity to fly the mighty hog (ie the type of aircraft in this vid...actually for the company in this vid) in the maldives and arctic but chose to get into corporate flying based here in the big smoke. i can clap my ship on the sod and have it stopped in 800' but this shit is fucked up. seeing them in action makes me wish i took that job driving twotters in the dark corners of the world. this is just utterly fucked.

    a spoof from some ozzie improv show

    a short clip from my halcyon days when my summers were one long 4 month beer commercial... ferrying cottagers around the muskokas. take off on the water in the ole spamcan (caravan), i manage to roll a float (the one pontoon salute), miss a couple of boats i didn't even see coming and head for our home base on muskoka

    when i worked there, our office usually got an avg of one noise complaint per day...probably because we used to bomb around at 100' instead of climbing up to more civilized altitudes. what can i say, a lot of us were afraid of heights...

    the approach into the old hong kong intl (kai tak) was the most challenging airline approach in the world. you basically flew straight at a checkerboard on a mountain, cranked the airplane over until the right wing was pointed at a soccer field and spun the ship around the wingtip until you lined up with the runway with a couple of seconds to touchdown. the checkerboard approach in 3 parts...

    korean airlines was infamous for sending inexperienced crews there and frequently made a gong show out of it...

    and this is pretty much what it looks like when i dream

    *nb- girls like their toys too
  2. Lurker

    Lurker TRIBE Member

    That first video is amazing. He sticks it like a helicopter!
  3. xsre

    xsre TRIBE Member

    Mephisto = <3

    Guys who fly planes are hott. Because they are actual flyboys.
  4. catilyst

    catilyst TRIBE Member

    The one of the Korean Airlines landing scares the crap out of me. My girlfreinds brothers work for them, I'm going to have to share this!
  5. PF9K

    PF9K TRIBE Member

    Yeah, hell of a headwind for that landing, plus a nice mud puddle, plus putting those PT6's in reverse!

    You post on avcanada?
  6. djglobalkiller

    djglobalkiller TRIBE Promoter

    i too dream of "mapping the earth" at 600knts+ with a wingman at my 7, wow that was cool!!!

    thanks for sharing


    there is one of an airplane landing at st marten






    or one taking off, watch the peeps inthe engine wake


  7. Mephisto

    Mephisto TRIBE Member

    lurk every now and then but in the main i find that place is full of bottom feeders too busy whining and bitching when they should be out flying (or spending their energy finding a job)
  8. Ditto Much

    Ditto Much TRIBE Member

  9. funfuncheese

    funfuncheese TRIBE Member

    The youtube thread is that way ------>
  10. Balzz

    Balzz TRIBE Member

    Negative ghostrider, the pattern is full. :O
  11. Mephisto

    Mephisto TRIBE Member

    shit hot, nice job by this guy to get 'er on deck.

  12. Bernnie Federko

    Bernnie Federko TRIBE Member

  13. Lurker

    Lurker TRIBE Member

    Wow, that pilot and his rio need new undies after that.
  14. TrIbAlNuT

    TrIbAlNuT TRIBE Member

    If you frequently travel with Air Canada you will notice some drastic improvements over the next year.

    Project XM-(extreme makeover) will see the overhaul of Air Canada's domestic and International fleets. Most notably new seats with individual touch-screen entertainment systems will be installed on all of AC's Airbus narrow body fleet and the B767 and A330s.
    The brand new Emb-170/190s and the B777s coming into the fleet will already have the new seats installed.

    executive first cabin on a B767
    economy cabin-B767
  15. enjiro

    enjiro TRIBE Member

    I flew into Kai Tak twice before it was closed... fun landings. :)
  16. Mephisto

    Mephisto TRIBE Member

  17. miller

    miller TRIBE Member

    I used to always have dreams that I would die in plane crashes, but I LOVE flying. Wierd.

    Anyway, thanks for the vids. They are passing lots of time at work!
  18. milos

    milos TRIBE Member

    hahah, yea... i'd rather fly a jet than kiss a girl too :p
  19. PosTMOd

    PosTMOd Well-Known TRIBEr

  20. Mephisto

    Mephisto TRIBE Member

    HUD view of a low approach of a training flight ("viking 6")....and apparently the instructor isn't a big fan of the snowbirds lol

    water bombers doing their thing (not entirely sure how the music is appropriate but whatever)

    ride along on a blue angels f18
    (with requisite blackout and vomiting)

    airshow routine practice- HUD view in an f16
    comments are classic "crappy graphics!" lol

    and finally this is what it looks like when the weather is shitty and you're coming in on instruments. one crew member has their head down on the needles and the other is looking outside for the lead-in lights (aka- spotting the white rabbit)

    Last edited: Nov 12, 2006
  21. billy

    billy TRIBE Member

    did anyone else read about the airbus 300 they built to test the advantages of surgery in zero gravity? the thing is a high tech hospital/school in a plane and they basically did 360 loops the entire time. it was a succes.
  22. billy

    billy TRIBE Member

    i was just going to post some pics of this beach and airport. i was doing a random google for shots and couldn't believe how close they come to the beach.
  23. Mephisto

    Mephisto TRIBE Member

  24. natureboy

    natureboy TRIBE Member

    Yo pilots, I was watching "Mayday" or "Airplane Disasters" on Discovery last night, it was the episode where the crew of a DHL cargo plane in Baghdad had to land their jet with propulsion only after being hit by a ground to air missile severing hydraulic lines. The crew incredibly landed the jet with no serious injuries to anyone.
    So after a few of these "no hydraulics" incidents (where over 600 people had lost their lives) NASA developed a computer program (P.A.T) that lets an airplane land itself successfully on jet propulsion only. On the show they mentioned that in the USA the P.A.T. system had not been implemented because a decision was made that the system was not necessary.

    My question is: Do Canadian commercial airplanes have this system on board?
  25. Mephisto

    Mephisto TRIBE Member

    nope, but there are usually up to four independent layers of redundancy. other than that if you get hit by a fucking missle and it severs the hydraulic lines then you can use a combination of differential thrust and trim surfaces to try and get things sorted out like the sioux city incident http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Airlines_Flight_232

    when i was driving amphibs they were notoriously bad handling on the water when it was windy in that if there was more than 15knots of wind the water rudders were ineffective in keeping the nose pointed where you wanted (the weathervaning tendancy of the airplane would cause it to point into the wind) so sometimes you had to shut the engine down and "sail" the airplane backwards to get to the dock/beach you were aiming for by using certain control deflections to get the plane to turn a certain way while it was being blown backwards through the water. when you really cocked things up and needed even more deflection out of the wind you'd have to open the doors on one side of the plane so between it all your limbs were flailing all over the place trying to get the thing pointed where you needed it to but looking back it must have looked like you had no control over the situation whatsoever haha (which isn't so far from the truth most of the time i guess)

    anyow, here is a cool condensation effect in the engine inlet of the singapore 777 around the 3:21 mark...

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