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Air & Sebastien Tellier @ kool haus


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Oh my god what a show.. it was just.. incredible. I've waited for years to see Air and the show was completely worth it. Thanks, dad, for getting me tickets for my birthday. We got in around 8:20 and found spots near the stage, in the middle.. There wasn't even a barricade set up to separate audience from stage, so people were leaning on the stage and we got to be so very close.

Sebastien Tellier was on first.. his stuff was very neat but not like anything I've listened to before.. the girl who beatboxed and played the theremin fucking ROCKED. Everybody was like "What IS that instrument?"

Then air came on and it was just mindblowing.. they played to the crowd.. smiled and waved and blew kisses.. I felt like they were playing just for me. Good show.

electronic performers
how does it make you feel
radio #1
lucky and unhappy
playground love
j'ai dormis sous l'eau
people in the city
le soleil est pres du moi
sex born poison
don't be light

la femme d'argent
Encore two:
sexy boy
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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So they played mostly stuff from the new album. It would've been neat for to have played some of ther Virgin Suicides stuff but meh...I'm sure they rocked.

Did they bring a lot of gear with them? I have this vision of Air bring ancient Korg keyboard and stuff like that with them.

Details Details!


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oh spence, always w/ the questions

playground love is from virgin suicides.. then they played a few tracks from moon safari, too. The set worked really well together.


lots and lots of keyboards
guitars and bass, drums..

I wanna go back to last night. It was busy, but it wasn't rammed or anything.
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As far as neat gear goes..
sebastien tellier had a girl w/ him who beatboxed, played the theremin and, um, screamed.

très cool. Everybody was like "what the HELL is that instrument?" (the theremin)


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nice pics

ecstasy riot

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I wanted to go to this so badly. But alas my boyfriend and I had no money.

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">e soleil est pres du moi</font>

That is my favorite Air song. I have all their cd's...I am sad...and I know thy put on a mind-blowing performance every time.



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Wow, what a great evening

One of the best live sets i've seen in a long time, and i've seen a lot !
( Hell, i'm old )

It was really nice to see Air play as a band, not just two guys with some hired musicians.

It was also nice that they were a bit sloppy, and were obviously having a great time ( smiles all around ).

It finaly seems that the Warehouse ( Koolhause ) has sorted out their sound problems and the lighting was fantastic.

See you at Kruder and Dorfmeister !


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my roomie went ... she passed out.

apparently there was some mad fainting going on at the ironically-named koolhaus ...

I wonder if this has to do with the overheated venue, or if it says something about Air's fanbase ... hehe ... j/k (kinda)
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I absolutely love Moon Safari, however I am glad that they played so few tracks from that album. Overall it was a great mix of mostly new, some Moon Safari, and a little bit of Virgin Suicides and Premiers Symptomes.

Normally we hear Air in a very produced, bedroom-geek type music. I enjoyed the sandpaper-rough versions of their songs. I really wanted to hear gordini mix from premiers symptomes as that is one of my favourite tracks, but they made up for that shortcoming with their best new sont : don't be the light.

They had lots of synths, especially those really old roland 300's. They were hooked up to various samplers, some digital, some analogue. They had the obvious rhodes and one turntable was used throughout most of the show.

The whole night I was wishing with a friend of mine that Air not play Sexy Boy. Sure enough, they played it for their last encore. I find it dissapointing that many of the people at the show were there for that song. Silly people, they didn't know it was sexy boy until Air was singing the chorus. But where are the moogs, i just dont understand. stupid people.

Overall, this show was as good as Fantastic Plastic Machine on heavy doses of lsd and weed.

It was that good...

Mouse on Mars is next. All part of one of the best musical summers ever.