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Air Max 95

Jeremy Jive

TRIBE Member
I've been waiting for three years for them to re-release the Nike Air Max 95's in original grey and bright green. I snagged them as soon as they came out.


Now I'm waiting for the re-release of the grey and yellow.

jeremy -air max are air back- jive


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Big props to the Air Max 95.

I like to run (on a treadmill nonetheless) and my joints like to hurt whenever I don't wear the proper shoes.

I went and bought a pair of Air Max 95 shoes in the silver and tried them for running. Let me tell you...they made a difference. I think that is why Nike won't let them go.

I know, I know.....we won't get into the whole Nike vs child labor thing.....

But these shoes are the bomb for shin splints!

There is also lots of info about these shoes on the internet singing their praises!

For another good shoe site altogether...