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Air Canada Centre Seating Quesiton?


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Hey Tribe, wondering if anyone knows the answer to this?

Got tix to an event. Section 109, Row 18, Seats 1 & 2. I can't seem to find anything on the web that breaks down the seat map by actual seat, I can only find rows etc. I want to know which side of the aisle seat 1 & 2 are. I believe (looking at this map) that Seat 1 & 2 would be closer to the centre meaning the seats are laid out moving clockwise - just not sure.

Thx in advance!

Toronto Air Canada Centre seat & row numbers detailed seating chart - MapaPlan.com


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Yup, I get it as that's what I was looking at & it shows seating moving clockwise which would make the seats I have even better but as this isn't an official map from the ACC, I was hoping someone knew for sure.



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why would someone make a seating plan than ran the opposite direction to reality? I mean the numbers are stamped right on the seats... pretty hard to screw that up.

Also, given the section numbers go clockwise, it makes sense that the seat numbers go in the same direction.
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ask for something.
get it.
question it.
be told, yeah, this is it.

which event is it ?
why are you hiding it ?
It's Wrestling, isn't it ?!?
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