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Ahhhhh Music help!!!!!!!

Hi i'm God

TRIBE Member
Ok I will have access to burn some CD's tonight but I have no idea what to download!!! I'm not very familer with song titles and artisits and stuff sooooo.....
I need titles and artisits of some good hard trance, hard house and some gooood musica that I can download for my listening plesure... no more sets from wemf.
please suggest away!!!
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feisty boy

TRIBE Member
^^definitely the flemming essential mix

the newest tiesto at club eau has some hard beats, bordering on hard house for a couple tracks - an interesting outting from the man.

or how bout lab 4... live at imperial gardens i think? good & hard

terrawrist III

TRIBE Member
dave clarke's world service mix 1 from audiogalaxy...it will make your day,it is like,80 minutes exactly...perfect thing to burn!
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