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AFX (Aphex Twin): Chosen Lords

The Truth

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With his 'Analord' series firmly installed in the annals of fanboy fetishism, Richard D. James has decided to pre-empt the eBay shitehawks by putting out a proper CD version of the 12's that seeks to reassemble the proto-retro-acid-beat-bothering-symphonies into a cohesive LP. Rather than just sellotape the source material together into some semblance of a running order, AFX has set about re-positioning the originals to work in a trimmed sequence - with the overall appearance of an analogue tornado lessened thanks to some wise ommisions. What this means for those without grooved fingers is that there's now a quality, iPod-primed distillation of the vinyl-only releases for you to savour in all its acid-whipped glory. What this means for the rest of us is that our Analord collection won't be complete without this nifty little package. The End. Maybe...

Track Listings

1. Chosen Lords Fenix Funk5
2. Reunion 2
3. Pitcard
4. Crying In Your Face
5. Klopjob
6. Boxing Day
7. Batine Acid
8. Cilonen
9. PWSteal LdpinchD
10. XMD5A

released April 10, 2006

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