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Advice Thread: Dublin


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Hay Guise!

I've made some last minute travel plans, and I'm trying to find a hostel for Saturday March 10th in Dublin. I really can't afford to book a 60 Euro Hotel room, and it seems all of the regular, cheaper hostels are booked tight.

A question for you travellers -- would it be an extremely dumb idea to just go and try to catch a place that has a cancellation? I suppose I could just find a locker somewhere to stow my bag and do an all nighter somewhere, because sunday is fairly easy to find a booking. I fly out to Malta on Monday.

Any help would be greatly appreciated -- i'm losing it over here!


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Try Abbey Court Hostel on the Quays, right by O'Connell bridge. Its central and not too pricey. I know for sure that they save a number of beds for walk in customers (and I think most other ones do as well). My wife used to work there a couple of years ago.

I would think there should still be places in other hostels as its still almost 2 weeks away. That being said March 17th is St Patrick's day and there is prolly a big influx the week before.


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check this - http://www.visitdublin.com/Accommodation/Hostels/dublin.aspx

try to get 1 near the liffy. i like the idea of locking your gear up and staying out all night! the above link shows the ones near the city centre. most hostellers are cool sharing accomodations.

go here - http://choicecutsonline.com/links/ - visit the local record shops. tell them you're a traveller. u want a good night out. the choice cuts crew know the score! dubliners are great peeps!

http://www.pod.ie/venues.php - started a really good night at lobby, i think, a few years back. we stayed in a hostel round here but i can't remember the name :-!. met some locals who gave us the dl on what goes on as far as all nighters. ended up in a huge movie theatre with some great dj's.

drink lots o' guinness and jameson! slainte!

i wish i was travelling :(
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dan my friend at work that came here from there said if you don't want to spend any money, you can stay at peoples homes there....once he sends me the link for the site you can check it out there reviews for the places....


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Bed and breakfasts can also be found with little or no notice.


There are tonnes on that site, but you would probably want one close to the city centre, but every bus in the city goes into the city centre in less than 30 minutes, so you could stay anywhere.

I wouldn't bother with an all nighter. March can still be fairly chilly and possibly rainy, but on a saturday night the city is very safe and still going at 4 or 5 am. But what are you going to do at 7am on a Sunday morning beat from traveling and then staying out the night before?


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i second the b&b recommendation. i stayed at a really cute place where we had the most amazing breakfast ever and it wasn't expensive at all. it was close-ish to downtown on the bus. good times!


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I got a couple of nights here at Avalon house which has been a pretty fair establishment. Checked out the Back2Basics weekly house party last night and it was just what the doctor ordered. I met some great locals and rocked out until 3am. I'm exhausted from last night and walking around Dublin all day today, but have had a great time here.

thanks again for the help, all.

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kate manus

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LivingRoomPornstar said:
I'm exhausted from last night and walking around Dublin all day today, but have had a great time here.
nice! my family is from there and I have gone back every 2 years or so since I was a kid.... Dublin is a much more expensive place to live now that's for sure.. glad you found something.
I can't wait to go back again, hopefully later this year.