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Advice Needed Now


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If I have an exam at 9 am (need to be up at 7)
is it better to:

a) Sleep for 2.5 hours or
b) Continue to study and sleep after the test. (I still have chapters to read through...)

What should I do?
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I think it would be better to sleep.
Its very difficult to write exams with no sleep at all... try to get at least one hour of sleep.


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if you can get 2 hours of sleep in do it. you'll perform better on the test in the morning....that is if you're confident you've gotten thru all the material

<---can't function after all-nighters


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I always use 45 minute naps in situations like those. Its just enough time to rest and feel refreshed a bit but not enough time to fall into deep sleep so that your body won't feel cheated and drosy for being pulled away from sleep early. Take 45 and then stay awake for 5 or 10 minutes and do it agian.
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I have one at 8:00am

I slept for 1.5 hours and I'm just starting to study now... sort of.

Good Luck!


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