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advice: buying equipment online

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by djskary, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. djskary

    djskary TRIBE Member

    whats goin on?

    i have never really bought any equipment online before but considering i live in whistler now, its way easier than goin down to van.

    anyway... can anyone recommend a good site with good prices and reliablity?

  2. g0nz0

    g0nz0 TRIBE Member

    what kind of equipment?

  3. djskary

    djskary TRIBE Member


    dj equipment...
  4. Shann

    Shann TRIBE Member

    Hahhaha I know you!

    You should talk to DJ's in Whis about it! My buddy Rob is a DnB DJ in town. I can hook you up with him. Have you talked to anyone at Dirty Beats?? They could also help you out..

    I will be up in Whis soon so I will holla when I know when and we will party like its 1999 (at Meadowvale!)

  5. djskary

    djskary TRIBE Member

    haha what up... wierd to see u here too!! ur everywhere

    but ya... i just wanna order some shit online and get it sent here rather than go down to van to get it.

    but ya... dj phroh is actually hookin me up.

    im spinning at joey chans a bunch of times in the next little while, plus im spinning with dub empire at the end of the month

    but ya... hook me up with that dude...


    peace yo
  6. Shann

    Shann TRIBE Member

    I think you're following me!


    hey is the Monday night DnB night at the Beagle still going down now that Jamie is gone?????
  7. djskary

    djskary TRIBE Member

    monday night is still goin down yep

    phroh is spinnin there..

    um but ya... ur on msn..

    so il ltalk to u there

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