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ADSL Service being Upgraded.

The Watcher

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From an email I just got.

We understand that staying competitive in this fast changing environment is a top priority for all of our customers. With this in mind, and coincident with Bell Nexxia recent announcement upgrade all CO and to increase the speed of it’s DSL lines, we are pleased to announce that Cybernet Communications Inc. will also be upgrading their speed profiles as follows:

Our 1.5 Mbps service will increase maximum download speed to (up to) 3.0Mbps

Our 3.0 Mbps service will increase maximum download speed to (up to) 4.0Mbps

Upload speeds for both will increase from 320kbps and 640kbps
respectively to (up to) 800 kbps

Cybernet Customer will be upgraded on a phased basis throughout Ontario and Quebec, following the same loop length and line conditions in practise today. This phased approach is anticipated to run through the end of June 2004 with the initial rollout beginning in Ottawa on Jan 27, 2004.

These Date are based on the time line provided by Bell Nexxia.

Aerius Zension

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Does Bell and/or Primus have any caps yet?

I thought I heard new Primus clients get capped about 6 months ago, though I might be wrong.
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The Watcher

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Originally posted by pr0nstar
What happened to the ftp??? :p
hehe.. I just moved dude.

Just got internet service on Saturday

Dont have a static IP right now.

And well.. my hard drive is full.. I need a new BIGGER one.

Just give me a bit and I'll get it going.
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Originally posted by The Tesseract
*shakes fist*

foookin rooooogers!
they've already done this, they just dind't announce it. have you not noticed the faster d/l rates? (u/l still sucks, but better then before)


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i'm using it right now. I love em. and because they're registered with TD. I can pay em online without using a creditcard. been with them a year and no big problems in service. the occasional line drop but thats normal.

the good thing is... 25 gig transfer rates!

EDIT: they don't care what you do with your line. and the speeds are always FAST FAST FAST! if there's a slow point. it's always outside of their network... or i'd noticed when i did a bunch of trace routes when i started using them.


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One more question...do you know if you have to have phone service for it to work?
Because I really want to get rid of my Bell landline.
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no... but it's good to have some sort of phone number for the install. so they can know where to route the DSL to. i recently had my phone cut off (by bell) and found it funny that my DSL was humming away without a problem.