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Ads breaking tribe?


TRIBE Promoter
The last week or so when coming to the tribe site via TRIBE MAGAZINE or www.tribe.ca instead of seeing the site I get an ad for a jewelry store and a blank page. Only when hitting the back button does it go to the site. Sometimes I have to load 5 times before seeing the opening page.


Staff member
It could be one of the ad networks feeding ads into the site, and I will block that ad, or it could be malaware on your own computer redirecting your browser. Next time it a happens, please give me more details on the offending jewelry ad by right clicking on it and seeing what it is about.

- blank page redirect url in your browser?
- screenshot of the ad
- if you are using chrome, right click /inspect element and screen cap the text in that and send it to me. if it is a flash ad you won't be able to do that so right click on the space just in front of the ad and send me that data.



TRIBE Member
This has been happening to me but on a bunch of sites including Tribe and BBC News. Always the same ad for the jewellery store.