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Admin Asst / Production Asst for T.O. Production company

Sunshyne Jones

TRIBE Member
saw this on Playback Magazine's website ... i am not affiliated in any way, just passing this along ...

Application Deadline: March 3, 2006
Our ideal candidate has recently completed a postsecondary in film production, has demonstrated research experience and complete proficiency with Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook Express. He or she will be able to meet strict deadlines and work independently as required. He or she will also have excellent interpersonal skills to deal with talent, distributors, crew and suppliers.

The administrative assistant will have a wide range of reponsibilities from answering the office phone, placing orders, arranging accounts, researching topics, maintaining the company website, booking production shoots and assisting the producers.

The position is full time and temporary but may lead to a permanent role. Start date: March 6th, 2006.

To apply, please email us your resume, CV or whatever best represents you.

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