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Adidas Original JS Jeremy Scott Hologram Rainbow Wings Shoe 13


TRIBE Promoter
Up for sale are some HARD TO FIND Adidas Jeremy Scott Hologram Rainbow Wings shoes.


These are SIZE 13. They are absolutely AUTHENTIC.

They are so hard to find above size 12.....THESE ARE 13.

They come with box.....tags.... and have not been worn.

Time to get your inner rave kid on. You can also wear them without the wings.

Wanna turn some heads? Adidas Originals JS Wings Rainbow/Hologram - YouTube

Adidas doesn't even have them in stock in size 13 anymore. I'm saving you the tax.

adidas Men's Jeremy Scott Wings Shoes | adidas Canada

I am looking to sell these OR trade them for some silver or black JS wings...in the same condition and the same size.


Shoot me a PM or email me at my tribe handle @ gmail.com


Shimmering in all the colors of the rainbow, Jeremy Scott’s Wings shoes step out with a vibrant foil leather upper and the signature Scott wings.
This adidas Originals shoe has a blue base with glitter particles that radiate stripes in pink, orange, purple and green.
Features a leather lining for a great fit and feel.

Foiled leather upper in rainbow colors
Signature Jeremy Scott wings
Leather lining for great fit and feel
EVA midsole for long-term, lightweight cushioning
Embossed Trefoil on back
Rubber outsole with shimmering particles

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