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Addy @ Tonic


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Had a great time at Tonic this past Wednesday. The beats were funky and groovy
I paticularily liked Addy's mix of the iio track Rapture...Awesome set Addy we danced all night long..


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totally underated in my humble opinion, as much as i would like to deny it i do go to zone, and at whatever time it is on sunday that he comes on (time has no meaning in that place) he has me calling his name and dancing around like there's no tomorrow!


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Gotta agree,

Addy is vastly underated. Usualy he is the first up @ the Zone, he always plays a great trippy set.


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The man throws down seriously fat beats at the CoZone. It's great to see him getting a gig like that.

Nathan Barato is another one who throws down the fat funky beats.
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