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AdamDuke >>>Phase One Radio mix >>> july2010

Adam Duke

TRIBE Member

Long time, no squeek... ;)

the mind – ryo murakami
bring it down (alex medina) – someone else
monkey sun (yapacc) – souki
escarcha en el cesped – omar salgado
straight into the wall (yapacc) – reynold
no reality – miguel tutera
hot candy – channel x
violin G2 F – heinrichs and hirtenfeller
chaton – nutownproject
helecho – omar salgado
passage secret – vadim svoboda
perky slip (adultnapper) – apendics shuffle
behind the scenes (tim xavier) – sweet n candy
kawabanga (mandy jordan) – alberto dimario
stovepipe – tony rohr & dietrich schoenemann
1 x 100=moon – knowing looks


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For the techy headz, download this mix, you'll enjoy it! Mixing is pretty solid as well as a nice variety in the track selection. I don't really like the bleepy stuff too much but I do like those heavy kicks and bass.
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