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Adam X :: Terror Inc T-02 :: "wooooohhh!!!"

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by adorablehomeboy, Aug 31, 2003.

  1. adorablehomeboy

    adorablehomeboy TRIBE Promoter

    Fukhouse has Tiga, and Fukhouse has a twisted little cousin it never told you about, it's called Terror.

    I haven't been in a small venue and heard more "wooooohhhhhh" per capita since I saw Misstress Barbara @ the Well in Ottawa back in 'F96.

    L-Train - spun some slamming techno
    Chiclet - kicked some serious hard trance ass, was worth the price of admission alone
    Luke Spellbound - he got me moving and kept me on the dancefloor even if the stupid horny little mexicano cook didn't understand "dude, I'm not gay!" and "I think he likes you, him over there"

    ADAM X - "woooooohhhhhhh!!!!" hard techno/industrial madness, nuff said.

    Can't wait for the next Terror event.
  2. teknophreak

    teknophreak TRIBE Member

    a nice intimate evening with adam X and freindz..

    my girl(Christine) and I got there just a little after 11 or so..
    the space wasn't bad but there was verey few people out yet?
    L-train was on the decks and defaintely ripping it up..hard/funky tek! got us in the mood for the evenings shinanagans!
    It was all about the cheap beers, good beats and friends!
    I have to say Chiclet did spin a good hard trance set..got me reminiscing..can't wait to hear her electro-clash set @ Element BAr tonite(Anomie).
    But i think you where mistaken about Luke Spellbound though? It was actually Task from Wabi who played after Chiclet. I totally forgot that Luke Spellbound was supposed to play. I must say that task got me even more in the mood for Adam X. He was laying down all the right tracks. Then the man we where ALL waiting for Adam X..all i can say is "WOOOOOHH". Dark ass tek @ its finest. I believe i truly got a good work out for about 45mins. I didn't want him to end though :( They had to shut down the place @ 3am . It was a good taste of the Adam X I heard two years ago at the Wabi 2yr, but NOt nearly enough though. oh well..

    still had a great time out good to see MAndy, TOm, JR, and Greg out..and nice to meet Sean, JAy,Joe &Zayla!! Everyone was down with it last nite!

    P.S what ever happened to the krazee mexican dude? he was defaintely great comic relief though:D

    defaintely NOT a boring nite of Terror!

    Anna :p
  3. terrawrist III

    terrawrist III TRIBE Member

    Re: a nice intimate evening with adam X and freindz..

    to be honest im not too familiar with X's style when he plays...I guess it's a lot harder edge eh?...just not sure what were in the mood for tonight...him or DEZ@element:confused:
  4. Buddy Holly

    Buddy Holly TRIBE Member

    NICE one!....

    Got there early to hear Unabomber laying down a nice set of Techno and breaks. Very good, vesatile set. Good job. BockChoy is similar in fashion to Milano's but in the darker side of Queen. Nice comfy couches cheap beer!!....I stepped up after and played a bangin techno set 'till midnight. Bodies slowly started to arrive. Chiclet followed with an energetic trance set full of soundscapes, build-ups and breakdowns...technically a great set. Nice. Hung around for TAsk who followed suit delivering more of the goods....

    Props goes out to Unabomber who is willing to try something new and bring great tunes to the masses with cheap drinks and cheap cover.....Great job with the sound. Nice and crisp.
    Looking forward to T3 in September...
  5. adorablehomeboy

    adorablehomeboy TRIBE Promoter

    Re: a nice intimate evening with adam X and freindz..

    Whoops, Task. I kinda suspected it wasn't Luke Spellbound....
    but that's cool he's local I can catch him around again!

    As for the little mexican jumping bean I suggested to Unabomber that he throw his ass out
    after he wouldn't stop hitting on that nice girl (hate to see someone's night ruined)
    and shortly thereafter he grabbed his coat and made a run for the border. :p


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