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Adam Jay.....Jan-10

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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I'm getting a nice big ass group of people coming down for this for my b-day!!!

someones getting excited!!!!!

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Destro Sanchez

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will try.

want to see the (L) Train wreck some shit on those tables!


and this adam jay guy's been gettin some sweet press

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Can't go wrong...six world class djs/producers for $10 at an awesome space....

see y'all there....JJjJJjJJ
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Originally posted by Buddy Holly
^^^Im playing from 10-12 in the front room.

See you guys there!!....


This is what I've roughly heard (may be wrong):

Front Room:
10-12 L-Train
12-close Ben Murko

Back Room:
10-12:30 Ian Guthrie
12:30-1:00 Arthur Oskan LIVE PA
1:00-3:00 Adam Jay
3:00-close Greg Gow


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blah i wish they had adam jay on a bit more early 1:00 only get to hear 30mins of his set gotta catch the subway tonight - no way am i waitn on the Blue night tonight...

auhh well i am looking forward to to hearing what people will be playing for us tonight...