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Adam Freeland @ Limelight

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by dj x, May 10, 2001.

  1. dj x

    dj x TRIBE Member

    Caught the first hour of his set, programming and mixing was pretty much flawless as come to expect.

    Threw down some tunes I knew, others I didn't. Wish I could've stayed longer but I have class tomorrow [​IMG]
    Please do tell how the rest of the night went!!! [​IMG]

    Cheers to Lil Chris for a great night! [​IMG]

    DJ X
  2. breakskid

    breakskid TRIBE Member

    Thanks for everyone who made it out tonight. The night was a success. Now everyone who hadn't heard Adam Freeland knows why he is the man.
    Sorry bout the patio not havin any music but not our fault. Next week we should have it up and runnin'.
    Big props to everyone who supported and hope to see you all out next week again

  3. Santa-Mike

    Santa-Mike TRIBE Member

    A fabulous night indeed.

    Caught some of Adam Freeland, but honestly...
    I was fully there for the patio!

    Who needs music when you got tha open air, drinks and friends.
  4. Smiley Jo

    Smiley Jo TRIBE Member

    BAH! I went home, showered, took a half hour power nap, and i'm back at work good as new! Well, not quite. I'm horribly exhausted, and I think the reason I don't have a headache is because I might still be drunk.
    Oh well, it was SO worth it. Can I just say again, how fabulous it is to have my Wednesdays back at Limelight?? The patio brought back SO many memories... The crowd is always fabulous, and so full of Tribers! (It's always SUCH a pleasure to see you all! *wink*) Whoo hoo! What more could you want??
    Adam Freeland was phenomenal. I wasn't sure what to expect, seeing as everyone had their own opinion as to what the hell he was spinning..
    "So, how to you like the nu skool?"
    "Wow, pure old skool, huh?"
    Whatever, it was great none the less. I had a great time, thanks to all the friendly smiling faces and of course, $2.50 drinks. Thanks Metro for putting together such a fantastic night. If last night is any indication, Wednesdays are sure to be host to some crazy summer chaos!!!

    Joanna [​IMG]
  5. Aphrodite

    Aphrodite TRIBE Member

    not everyone *wipes tear* :*(

    shannon < stayed home to work last ngiht

    ps ~ Smiley Jo, you sound like such a nice person from your posts... [​IMG]
  6. futronic

    futronic TRIBE Member

    Now, I must admit, I'm not really one to dance to breaks (let the flaming begin), but I had a great time last night. Big props to the TBK massive that were out (and I mean massive ... shit they were all over the place [​IMG]). Chrome, don't ever try to refuse a shot again. You're gonna end up drinking it anyways, so don't put up a fuss, ok? I'd list down the crew, but then this'd end up a mile long. I will say that it was really nice to finally meet breakz_btch (jen), and Shy (Jess). And Laura ... I know you're reading this so stop lurking and start posting! 2 year lurker ... hehe [​IMG].

    Back to Freeland though ... the guy definately ripped the place up. I really had no choice to kick it when he dropped an Orbital track. Sorry, I just don't get the opportunity to hear one of their tracks dropped at a party very often, so it was time to go full out on that one. It was wicked to see the crowd goin' nuts to the tracks that Freeland was dropping when I was in the booth. Nuttin' but a frenzy!

    Anyways, great night, no hangover, sunny days ahead ... woohoo! Summertime is here!

    -- Jay aka Fut

    P.S. - Shannon - Joanna (SmileyJo) *IS* a really nice person. And you should know, considering you've met her 3 or 4 times now.
  7. beaker

    beaker TRIBE Member

    LOL, yeah i talked to a few people about that myself but when i went to check him out he definitely wasn't playing nu-skool at the time. more like hard/tribal/tech/plump djs sounding stuff. whatever it was, it was damn good. [​IMG]
  8. Moez

    Moez TRIBE Member

    it was such a good night!!!!!!!!

    I saw so many people, and I loved meeting just as many!!!

    overall Adam Freeland was kick ass. He played so many wikkid tracks, and the place was PACKED!!!

    the sad event was on my way home, I should never have left alone, but I went to the bank machine to withdraw 20$$$, that's all 20 $$$$ and I hear "gimme your money"
    what do I say in a drunken stupour, "WHY???" he takes it.. HITS ME... and then goes on his way... fuck. what the hell???? hit me??? what a loser...

    what was the point???? 20$ it made me sooo upset!

    but overall positive things weighed out the negative things, so the night was a really good one!!! but shit... stupid shit like that shouldn't happen... and nobody should fucking hit a helpless 18 year old for 20$$$ fuck.


    JANE I still have your coat!!! I went to look for you and you were gone [​IMG]
  9. Libradragon

    Libradragon TRIBE Promoter

    ^^^Johane i didn't see you last night at all. [​IMG]

    Sorry for what happened to you, that sucks.
  10. evolve

    evolve TRIBE Member

    two words = HUNG OVER
  11. ThePlunger

    ThePlunger TRIBE Member

    ^^^What he said! [​IMG]
  12. ecstasy riot

    ecstasy riot TRIBE Member


    i saw my friends get dropped off at limelight as i sadly went to my rez to study for a 9am exam.

    JOhane, big hugs [​IMG] Everyone seems to be getting robbed nowadays.. [​IMG]
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    that's fucked... I can't believe their are people out there that would do something like that.

    did you call the police?
    bank machines have camera's in them. It's possible that the camera got him.
  14. Mr_Furious

    Mr_Furious TRIBE Member

    ^^^^ that is very unfortunate, if you ask me its all part of the inevitable de-generation of soceity.

    I was on my way to slimelight for the first time on a wednesday night all hyped up and ready to go.....unfortunately I didn't get there till 1:40 so I figured it was pointless to go [​IMG]
  15. Shintriad

    Shintriad TRIBE Member

    I'd say that's a bit of a stretch (people get punked in front of ATM machines all the time), but that totally sucks. Hey, at least you only got took for 20 bones, I've heard of people being forced to withdraw the maximum 500 at knife/gunpoint.

    Freeland! He did a decent job, but didn't really blow me away, I have to admit. He spun some of his signature tracks, which is always nice, but I wanted to hear some NEXT-school nuschool breaks ... ie some crazy choons that we haven't heard before. Still, not bad. Hey, did you guys notice how much payola the fucking hired goons -- um, I mean bouncers -- were taking at the door? It's downright silly. We should start an activist group or sump'.

    - Mike
  16. Lesslyn

    Lesslyn TRIBE Member

    twas fun indeed...though I didn't see any TBK people, cause I have no idea what most of you look like [​IMG] I guess I'll find out tommorow at the party!

  17. Suke

    Suke TRIBE Member

    I was chillin' mostly downstairs to some really good house spun by some new dj. I caught a bit of Freeland and he was "dope on vinyl". Thanks to Jay aka fut and The Plunger for the shots. Word!

  18. DJ Doublecross

    DJ Doublecross TRIBE Member

    Wow, I had such a good time, I don't even remember all the fun I had! Haha...

    It was awesome seeing everyone again, and so many new people... I'm glad I'm back in Toronto for good so there will be more nights like this!

    I just need to figure out how to stay awake on the busride home... I woke up well past my stop and had to take a cab home! Such is life I guess.

    And Johanne, that sucks! So now you and Lori have both been robbed in front of ATM's? What the hell is going on? Hopefully in the future you guys will both remember to not walk home alone!

    Looking forward to tomorrow night...

  19. funkNstyle

    funkNstyle TRIBE Member

    I'm right as always!

    a very dope nite indeed, colin had a set that had me groovin as soon as i got in there!! and kept me goin till freeland!!
    --(drinking breaks in-between of course)--
    adam freeland was impressing me for the first little while so i took off to the patio, too bad the speakers werent hooked up to listen to his set from there but the patio was rockin' pretty good too!!

    but i ventured back down and finally found all my friends again... and by that point adam freeland was tearing up the place! i havent seen so many ppl. dancing at limelight in quite a long time!

    at then end of the nite the scarce crowd convinced adam to do 2 encore's and both tracks were fuckin dope!

    and i dun wanna talk about the sketchy ride home... dave drunk whu!?!? [​IMG]

    all in all a SUPA WIKKID nite!!

    props to chris, mike and everyone that made it happen.

    Jonny w

    highlite of the nite....jenn and jessica.. u always put a smile on my face. luv ya. [​IMG]
  20. dj x

    dj x TRIBE Member

    I knew I saw you there! Or did I?
    shit..maybe we even said Hi? lol damn I don't remember.

    On the discussion of what Freeland was playing... I had the same conversation last nite with someone trying to figure it out.
    It almost sounded like Samba at times, then it'd get all weird and techy and abstract but then it was full on breaks in your face again...weird but definitely a fresh sound which I haven't heard alot around here.
    like almost minimalistic techno but with a breakbeat hehe.

  21. RJ45

    RJ45 TRIBE Member

    Fun times.. Nice to meet some new people (Chrome, Suke, Neil) and see some familiar faces downstairs and up on the patio (if only briefly).

    Had to leave early because I had a killer headache that just kept getting worse. Usually I can kill that sort of thing with alcomahol, but not last night [​IMG]

    Even though I know nothing about breaks, I was very impressed by Adam Freeland. That guy was dropping some kick-ass beats!!

    - Sam
  22. Stormshadow

    Stormshadow TRIBE Member

    I was pumped up every since I heard Adam Freeland was coming to Limelight...I've been dying to hear some different breaks styles. At the beginning of Freeland's set he was throwing down some hits and even funky stuff...that didn't spark my interest much, so I booked it to the patio to get my drink on. I've never been on the Limelight patio, and I loved it! Nice to be out in the open air with a great view of the skyline, and some good drinking buddies. Highlight of the night for me was my drunken beatboxing and the 2 guys that were freestyling to it! Respect! [​IMG]

    I headed back in during the middle of Freeland's set and it got hard!!! He was throwing down some hard, tech breaks bizniz and I even heard some pumpin' house! A few tracks sounded like dark jungle slowed down about 20 BPM...nice touch to the set. The end of his set got really dark and techy, and felt like a wall of sound was running over your body. These are the breaks I love...something with depth and substance.
    Overall, I had an amazing time. Adam threw down all over the musical spectrum, which made for an interesting and enjoyable listening experience. I can't wait until he comes back to T.O.
  23. mcbee

    mcbee TRIBE Member

    SO FUN!!!!!

    i feel almost close to dead right now tho...
    went to bed at 5am, worked at 10am, had a job interview at 2pm (which by the way i kicked ass in!!!), drove to FRIKIN' cambridge to get the Vital flyers (yes, CC you DO owe me [​IMG], and now i'm home to have a nap before Pharcyde....despite this near death feeling, i had so much fun!!!

    tribe people everywhere...holy shit! i love all you guys. definately the combo of such good friends, such cheap drinks and such good breaks makes mcbee a happy camper.

    couldn't wipe the smile off my face last nite and its still on my face right now. thanks metro crew for another fabulous nite!!!

    nap time now [​IMG]
    see you guys tomorrow!!!
  24. BreakzBroad

    BreakzBroad TRIBE Member

    awwww.........jonny we luv ya too!!

    What a night!! One of the funnest nights I've had..........so drunk and such good breakz [​IMG] Chu had me shakin' my ass from the beginning, and Freeland had me going right till' the end.....well at least until my ride said...let's leave!! Finally I met some TBK.....woohoo!! U guyz are all awesome and so incredibly fun! Thankz Futronic (jay) for introducing me to everybody!! Funny how we happened to bump into eachother. Thankz for the shotz too!!

    All in all an incredible night!! Thankz Mike and Chris!! U guyz alwayz know how to throw the partiez!!

  25. funkNstyle

    funkNstyle TRIBE Member

    Shit Willar... I don't remember either... but that shows that we had a good time right? [​IMG]

    I'll see ya on saturday and michelle's anyway. and i'm sure we wont remember much of that nite either!!

    yea keg party!!

    Jonny w

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