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Adam Duke @ Beba


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50% of the Dukes gave the Beba crowd a 150% beat down last night! Got to the venue just before midnight (so we could get in free) and it wasn't very busy... but it picked up after 1230 or so. While the Beba crowd is... "interesting", there was a cool vibe with a Sax player walking through the crowd playing along with Adam's (at first) smooth, sleek techno beats. After 1 oclock, Adam started wrecking the room with the DUkes trade mark deep and groovy tracks...

Aside from one pretty major fuck up, (track brought in out of sync with the first which EVERYONE noticed, but ended up bringing the crowd together in a more cohesive way) Adam really brought it... an all round good night....

ps. there was also a guy with an albino Boa who thought he was pretty cool bringing it in through the crowd... nearly scared the f#$k out of me!!!
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