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ADAM BEYER: Stockholm Mix Sessions on Turbo


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kay... lemme say this.. if you think this is gonna be a typical Beyer mix, THINK AGAIN. I was expecting a dirty, pounding session of bass... chugging techno that was gonna pound me into the floor... ummmmmm, no. He plays some very synthy & trancey stuff with a few chugging tracks that I'd expect to hear.

Tracks like 'Powertools 2' (JD), 'Warrior Dub' (steve o sullivan), 'Dirty Crunch' (hertz / john batco) and 'Bringing it Back' (cari lekebusch / mateo murphy)...had me fucking jamming... however, tracks like 'Sinosphere' (steve rachmad), 'Barely Legal' (damon wild), '12 Months of Happiness' (soul designer) and 'The Dream' (e-dancer) had me just standing there.. waiting for the next dirty track to come in.

Weighing the good vs. the bad... I'd say the bad wins.. this CD should've been burnt off the net.. not bought off the shelf.

Mr. Beyer... what happened ?



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I think it rocks too. It fits right inline with the previous Stockholm Mix Sessions CDs. Its more of a tech-house comp.