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Adam Beyer CD out April 23!!

Sugar D

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Turbo Recordings is very proud to present the latest their International Mix Sessions series, A return to the city of Stockholm for a date with techno icon, ADAM BEYER

"a perfect blend of tribal techno, classic strings and futuristic funk"

Adam Beyer: Stockholm Mix Sessions V3

Release date in Canada: Apr. 23, 2002 Turbo Recordings- distributed in Canada by KOCH.


Phunky Rhythm- Underground Poetry
JD- Powertools 2
Steve O Sullivan- Warrior Dub (Orig. mix)
Epoch- The Crossover
Jeff Mills- The Deep
Steve Rachmad- Sinosphere
6400 Crew- Down in a Land
Gaetano Parisio- B
John Bacto & Hardcell- Traveller 2
Samuel L. Session- Merengue (Slam remix)
Hertz & Johan Bacto- Dirty Crunch
Kenny Larkin- Loop 2 (Luke Slater Remix)
Damon Wild- Barely Legal
Soul Designer- 12 Months of Happiness
Adam Beyer- Brazen Displays
Ignition Technition- Ergonomix 4, Loop 5
E-Dancer- The Dream
Halcyon Days- Side Winder
Aril Brikha- Groove La Chord
Mateo Murphy- Bringin' It Back
Cari Lekebusch- Reverted II, Output I
Christian Smith & John Selway- Weather: Planetary Assault Systems Remix #2
Mr. Sliff- Child's Play
Adam Beyer: Truesoul
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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good 'ol Turbo Recordings !

... can always count on them for quality releases.

looking forward to the 23rd.



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yes! more good beats coming my way... atleast on CD... but the question is will he come to vancouver????
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Well folks, it’s already at the Bloor HMV, and it’s pretty good. Not as banging as I thought it would be, but sweet none the less.
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