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Actress @ BLK BOX


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Haven't really gone out this year because of work. Couldn't believe I actually missed Prosumer and Disclosure! Anyway, now I try to catch up and this week had been a week of modern electronica.

Caught John Talabot last week. It was probably the most boring show I have been to. Just 2 guys behind some synths. The Mount Kimbie and Holy Other show was much better. Unfortunately, Mount Kimbie seems to be moving from post dubstep to post rock. Not quite danceable as I hoped.

Finally, last night it was Actress. It was my first time in BLK BOX and I like the space. I kinda expected it to be more slick from all those Foundry videos on Youtube. The crowd was more like a party crowd. Didn't see a lot of music geeks. Got there when Slowpitch just started. I knew trip hop is gonna make a comeback. Still Slowpitch sounded pretty current, more ambient and less obscure samples driven than those triphop acts in the 90s.

Actress came on after 1 and it was loud. The bass especially. As expected the mood was dark and brooding. At times, I felt like I was dancing to music coming from a rave in a distance. I was actually surprised he stuck to a danceable beat throughout the set. I thought it was interesting but I couldn't really get into his set. By the time the show was over, there was less than half the crowd left. For me, his show is a bit too challenging for a nice Satuarday night. Still kudos to Mansion for bringing him.
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actress killed it. movie score type production with kicking bass/beats. quality of programming was superb. function one sound system was dope too. local acts were kinda dry but hard to compare to actress... how was chez damier? i would hit that up if actress was not here....

btw, that one hypnotic track with the hard ripping drops with no beats was insane...