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Activities to teach others about Canada


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I work on a 'virtual' team of people from all over North and South America. Every quarter we meet face to face - this time in Toronto. One of the things we've been doing is to have a learning session on local culture/values/norms as a way of better understanding our fellow teammates and where they come from.

As an example, in Mexico we took a tour of the downtown area by carrage, went to a cantina for dinner, watched a video on Mexican history etc. The purpose is more of a fun team building exercise.

So.. the gang is heading to Toronto in two weeks for meetings and now I have to play host for the "Canada Perspective"...

Any thoughts on what to do? We will have 2-3 hours for the activity followed by dinner.

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it would be cool if you could go to a sugar shack. i would assume there is one outside of TO (i've only been to one outside of ottawa)