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activate - boxing day blow(out)

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And there I was thinking "yes, someone is finally posting a review about something", but no such luck...

I was at Beatdown at Andy Poolhall, with Albert Assoon guesting. Great tunes, lots of fantastic dancers. I hadn't been there in ages and hope more people do parties there again; it's a good spot.

Bernnie Federko

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Not ever been a fan of HD, but the clinic in classics she wove & spun was bananas. People on tables, singing, hands in the air, whistling, clapping, peak time magic. Fantastic. Floor was bubbling with the Queen's, mums, Dads, and kids at heart. Pure bliss.

Bernnie Federko

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x-post from the roll calls thread:

Matt C and Honey Dijon killed (HD especially; a bevy of edits and blends of house anthems Music Sounds better to life is changing to moloko into i feel love into U don't even know me was fantastic)... people were up for it and singing along and roars went out faster than their hands flew up when the hooks were dropped....
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there was a skinny white dude on before honey he was also quite good. no idea who it was though


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What a fun night this was yet again. I think I've almost been to every one over the last 9 years and love the old school vibe people bring the these events. It's an older crowd, no attitude, great dancers and music! Like the way it used to be back in the day.
This year I was somewhat excited because of the international headliners this time. I say somewhat because over the years, I've personally loved hearing the locals throw down tracks I remembered from the local scene and they always stuck to the old school track themes. Didn't know if the headliners would stick to that seeing it's out of their regular booking routine. I'm sure they know what the party was about.

I arrived at 10:30 just as Matt C was stepping up and I always love hearing him on these nights and he didn't disappoint at all. Even reminding me of the Industry days.
John E and Robb G threw down some old rave anthems, a little breaks and house, which were all to my liking too. Kept moving up the pace. I loved that Robb G threw down "DJ Icey - Tricks Theme", which got the whole crowd grooving and singing!
Now I was worried about Honey Dijon because I haven't really liked her sound lately so I was really hoping to hear an old school set. As soon as she took control, all my worries were gone. She threw down anthem after anthem with vocal samples of other anthems on top of each other. I couldn't stop dancing even if I wanted to. She even mixed in "Whitney Houston - How Will I Know", which would done very nicely and had the crowd singing to that. Definitely the set of the night in my opinion, which a lot of people agreed.
DJ Dan then started around last call and took the energy of the crowd to an even higher level with some banging hard house/techno anthems! Then he switched it over to an all breaks set, not touching house or techno again. This, in my opinion, killed the music high club was on! I personally am not a fan of breaks but like it when it's mixed with house, back and forth. He stayed on that genre for at least two thirds of his set and a lot of people left during that. I tried to get into it and just couldn't find a groove. I could see others on the dancefloor feeling the same way. I was very disappointed in DJ Dan for that and I'm one of his biggest fans! But for old school DJ Dan breaks fans, I'm sure they loved it.
I wanted to hear what Cevin had to deliver and hopefully bring back up the music vibe on the place. He threw down a more down-tempo type of house set, which pretty much ended my desire to dance for the night. I stayed till the end and loved the vibe of the crowd.

So let's say I loved it from the time I stepped in until about 2:30AM-ish.
On a side note, I love the changes and renovations that have been done at 794 Bathurst already and looking forward to the final conversion to Coda. This event now having so much more room to dance in totally awesome! Even though it was a busy night, I could always find elbow space! This is usually the event I dance the most to every year.

My friends and I are all looking forward to seeing what the 10 year anniversary is going to bring!
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