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Action Replay MAX/Maxdrive - PS2


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By any chance, does anyone have either of these two cheat devices for the PS2? Apparently they have been discontinued. I only need the software (not the key drive), so if someone could burn a copy for me or point me to somewhere that I can download it, I'd really appreciate it.


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Originally posted by Dr. Grinch
I have both
Which one do you want?
They're both shit btw.
I forked out and bought an authentic codebreaker. It's worth the money and works with any reasonably new modchip.


I don't really want them for the codes, just to download savegames from the net. The saves on GameFAQs are in MaxDrive and X-Port formats.

Alternately, if you know of a way to extract these saves (the .max files are compressed and supposedly you need the MaxDrive software to extract them and put them on a memory card), that'd work too.

And thanks Keith, I'll check it.


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i have to totally highjack/digress in this thread to give the perverbial FUCK YOU to everyone who use gameshark and ruined every online dreamcast game.

thankfully this bullshit didnt infect anything major on xbox live other than just unlocking stuff for example all the cars in PGR2 or using full stat golfers in links 2004... you still need skill to win those games even with the best of everything.

in fact, i fucking hate everyone who uses this POS just because of my previous experiences in online console games back in the day.
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Okay, I've downloaded and burned ARMax (haven't tried popping it in yet). In the retail version, is there any software on the pendrive, or can I just use any old pendrive to transfer saved games (I don't care about the cheats really)?