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ACID PIONEER: RIP Charanjit Singh


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The electronic music innovator has died at age 75.

RA News: RIP Charanjit Singh

Indian electronic pioneer Charanjit Singh died in Mumbai this past Friday, July 3rd.

After the release of his 1982 album 10 Ragas To A Disco Beat—and its subsequent rediscovery and re-release in the 2000s—session musician Singh became a cult figure of sorts. He was credited with accidentally inventing acid house, manipulating the Roland TB-303 (along with a TR-808 and Jupiter 8) to make the same squelchy sounds that would come to define the Chicago acid house scene several years later.

According to The Wire, Singh died in his sleep. Since his album's 2010 reissue, he had developed a live show that he toured around the world and was just preparing for a gig in London, in addition to planning to produce an album of Indian folk music.
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