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Acer Revo 3610 vs current HTPC

Discussion in 'Technology' started by lobo, May 20, 2010.

  1. lobo

    lobo TRIBE Member

    Hey everyone. I'm thinking of upgrading my existing HTPC so something a little more modern. I think it's probably showing its age and has a couple of little problems here and there but for the most part has been a great media server.

    The new server that I was thinking of purchasing was the Acer Revo 3610 (or the ASRock 330). The Revo is currently selling for $299 at NCIX for the 2GB of RAM version and 160GB drive which is no big deal for me since all my media is on my NAS.

    To put things in perspective, my existing HTPC is built from an AMD64 X2 3800 with 2GB of memory and an Nvidia 7900GS video card. This pc is running Windows 7 Ultimate and is able to play all kinds of files I throw at it including 720p and 1080p mkvs. The 1080p files though do struggle and skipping 30 seconds on it causes things to go out of synch for a bit before it catches up.

    With the Revo, it's based on the Intel Atom 330 and Nvidia ION GPU. How much of a performance increase (or decrease?) could I end up seeing if I went with the new system? Are both systems technically at the same "horsepower" level? Will I still get stuttering with 1080p sources when playing through Win7 MCE?

    Thanks for any tips guys.

  2. jw

    jw TRIBE Member

    both are great appliances.. I have a similar setup using an ion based ASRock 330HT running XBMC. I am using XBMC as the front end for media content (full HD 1080p) and i am yet to find anything that the ASrock is unable to play.

    Be aware whatever solution you choose for your method of playback, the application _must_ support offloading of video decoding to the (ION) GPU. Both of the noted machines are not powerful enough for straight 1080p decoding via Atom processor, but the NVidia ION chips handle the job perfectly.

    If you go the XBMC route, installing on top of Linux is proven and tested as the linux based VDPAU library is fairly stable. XBMC via Windows uses DXVA for decoding, but is integration with XBMC is still in the early stages.

    Either way, you cannot go wrong with the cost of these things...
    Last edited: May 23, 2010
  3. lobo

    lobo TRIBE Member

    Thanks jw. Do you know if they've managed to get DXVA working with WMP12/Win7MC? While I know that MPC-HT works perfectly for this, it's not a remote friendly application. I only know of invoking that application to play videos manually.

  4. jw

    jw TRIBE Member

    They're using their own directshow library to handle decoding, so it is entirely separate of Win7MC/WMP12.

    If you're interested in running XBMC, but set on running a flavour MSWindows on the HTPC host, have a look at these XBMC forum posts/articles

    - [DSPlayer] Lastest release: build 30385 (! 05/21/2010 !) - XBMC Community Forum - dsplayer change log
    - [WINDOWS] Internal Directshow Based Player - XBMC Community Forum - dsplayer support thread
    - HOW-TO: Using DSPlayer - XBMC - dsplayer wiki

    Not sure if you're familiar with XBMC, but my ASRock (with remote) worked pretty much out of the box with Ubntu / XBMC (with remote and 1080p decoding) .. Notably Linux is the preferred OS at the moment for HD content, due to the maturity of VDPAU . If you haven't used it before , you can give it a testrun via a live CD (https://sourceforge.net/projects/xb...lot - 9.11/xbmc-9.11-live-repack.zip/download)
  5. lobo

    lobo TRIBE Member

    Thanks jw! I'll give all of that a whirl and see how things go. I haven't decided on whether to get the Revo or not....sale ended yesterday but that might give me time to play with XBMC and Ubuntu. I'm familiar with both so it should be fun.


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