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Accutane users please stand up (if you can)


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Remember the dope who crashed a stolen plane into a Tampa office building? The teen who left a note saying he supported Osama bin Laden and the September 11 attacks, 'member him?


His family is suing the makers of Accutane, a common drug to treat acne. They're saying it gave him severe psychiatric side effects.

I've never used the drug. For those who have.. how many of you felt like crashing into things?




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Originally posted by simpletee
i heard that a side effect from acutane use is anal leakage...

but that's just what i heard...

That's definately not fun :eek:


PS. I swear I saw milk breath the other day


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people are looking for excuses. i took accutane as a teenager, and all it did was clear up my acne.

i'm fine, really.


seriously, though, it sounds like another case of a screwed up kid doing screwed up things, and the family trying desparately to get a handle on what's happened. i feel badly for people in these situations.
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accutane made my memory better. because of that, the missing persons list from the fbi website went from 35 pages to 9.

sure, photopoint closed down and i got lead pumped through my blood. but...
i love accutane. this is r-oo again.


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and since i have a lot of beauty marks, i conclude that they and acne indicate intrusions into a persons being, like let's say induced amnesia.


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"People use to think I ate too many chocoalte bars, but now I just crash planes into buildings and show those fuckers who's the pizaa face now!"

I used to be on the accutane. It does fuck you up and makes you moody and cranky. Also gives you dry skin and nose bleeds but can't say my ass leaked...

It was worth it though, because it was effective in clearing my shit up!


ChRoMiE Jeremiah
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