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accurate sub for studio

docta seuss

TRIBE Member
i'm looking to replace my piece-o'-shite sony home theatre sub with an studio-quality sub. don't need an obscene amount of bass, but i'd like a monitor which accurately reproduces a wider range of frequencies than my sony.

so, recommendations?

active or passive?

(would prefer to spend $800 or less)

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I'm using the Tannoy TS8, goes for about 500, as XLR ins and outs, some nice options on the back to customize the sound, you can set the frequency where the sub ends and the monitors start, so there's no overlap, and for a tiny sub the sound has impact and is actually quite powerful (I think its 200 watts). Its active and downward firing. You could connect via RCA as well but then you wouldnt be using crossover frequency feature since the sub wouldnt be in between your source and your monitors... With all the options using XLR I suggest you go that way as you can really get the sub to perform just the way you want it to...

Anyway, couldnt be happier - and for my space I have the gain about 1/3rd up and thats plenty - would have to have a much larger room to even come close to maxing it out. For really large studio spaces consider the TS-10 or 12 (12/10 inch woofer instead of 8 inch woofer, more watts 250 for TS10 and 300 for TS12 I think) but Im sure the TS8 would be just fine...

Was looking at M-audio and they seemed to have active subwoofers that did the same thing for a little less than the Tannoy, but I decided to get the Tannoy in a bundle with two Reveal Actives and figured they'd all be happier with components of the same manufacturer... but ya, the M-audio stuff looked allright, just never heard it so I cant comment on the sound quality vis a vis the Tannoy subs...

Mike Goodwin

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Sampson make a powered 8" sub. And KRK make a 10" in the rokit series. I can vouch for KRK's. They sound good for the price.


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got my vote for KRK as well.. just picked up a pair of rp6's for under $800 - and I can honestly say I wouldn't ever have a use for the 10" sub that they sell with the rokit series. The monitors alone bang out really nice, and have superb low end for the price.
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SUB FOR SALE!!! MINT Paradigm PS1000 10 inch active with controls


Paradigm PS1000 Sub... that I no longer use or need
check it out... this subwoofer is insane for its sound quality and bass... Its completely mint, never turned up as it was bought for a house and we ended up in a condo where we can barely turn it on... It was $800 new, and I'll let it go for $600

Comes with THX rated subwoofer cable ($75 value)

Let me know if you're interested before I stick it on Ebay and Craigslist...