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ableton live 5.03 question


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ok so just started playing around with this and I've created a beat or loop and how do I save it now to play around with it in soundforge...

I've rendered it as a wav but it's only saved just the file name and nothing else...
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how do I do that...

like I can save it but when I play the loop back in a wav editor the time is 0:00 and it's only playing the first beat


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if you're in arrangement view you should be able to just click the mouse anywhere, and drag it over the stuff you want - it'll turn yellow (default skin)

if you're in session view (which it sounds like) when you render, you have to specify how long the clip/loop is - be default it seems to be only the first beat

that being said, i've only ever rendered stuff in arrangement view - so i could be wrong about specifying the time - dont have it in front of me atm


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I got it thanks...

I've just started playing with this program..what is arregment view?

I guess I should really read the manual

also is 5.2 much different?
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