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no its not randomness
its my new nerd club


What the fuck is up with the shittyness of alot of these games? FPS- you can do alot with it- but everyone is rehashing the bang bang.
Half Life 2- and Doom 3 are sure too up the ante of the whole genre a bit (HL2 more than others)-
but the amount of Halo clones on their way..
not to mention Medal Of Honour putting WW2 at the front of the FPS comunity- with bad results. Call of Duty should end it. Move on to Vietnam. Thats a game thats begging to have a decent FPS made out of it.
Its just a lull right now I guess. heres hoping that it gets better.... and soon!
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they'll never make a big game about vietnam, too much of a loaded and sensitive issue for americans. with ww2, it's far easier to see things in black and white right and wrong terms.

I want something to replace sof2.

and for splinter cell 2 to come out.
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<--- Like Call of Duty alot Multi halo is fun if I'm not being betrayed constanly... other then that, I HATE FPS's! Hello we're on computers that makes us geeks there for bust out the GOOD RPGs DD, FF...