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Aaron Santos 'Point of Entry' (techhouse)


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Aaron Santos, 'Point of Entry'

this is the first mix ive ever had online, one of the first ive recorded after roughly one year of mixing records. I guess it would be considered tech house. i hope someone enjoys it. feedback and criticism would be appreciated


1. Capracara - flashback 86 [Soul Jazz Records Co]
2. Marc Romboy vs. Blake Baxter - house ya [Systematic]
3. Manic Mind - minimal shit [Notorious Elektro]
4. Flow - truth and sunshine (funk d'void remix) [Urbantorque]
5. Telepopmusik - smile (mr negative version) [Catalogue]
6. Abysm - future love [Systematic]
7. Kriece - nozomi [Shva Muzik]
8. Coldplay - talk (spencer collective main mix)
9. The Chemical Brothers - star guitar [Astralwerks]
10. Beckster - rave machine [Jackmoves]
11. Simon Baker - aerosol games (paul woolford's bi-polar mix) [Infant Records]
12. Laid - me (zoo brazil remix) [Loaded]
13. Silicone Soul - inferno (dirt crew remix) [Soma]
14. Jesper Dahlback - polyhouse [DK]
15. Rocco Branco - feist [Platzhirsch Schallplatten]
16. Elektrochemie - pleasure seeker [physical]

Thank you very much to mikeryan who was kind enough to put up with me AND host this mix for me. He is truly a world class guy
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This is a pretty good mix - some awesome tracks in here. I'm not sure what coldplay and the chems are doing in here but they do break up the techiness for a sec so your brain can have a rest. :)

I think some people would argue about my level of classiness.

Richard Raiban

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sweet...ive been waiting HOW LONG FOR THIS?! :mad:

almost done downloading!

long live



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