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a wobbly clonky katapult like event 03.29.02

Discussion in 'Techno Room' started by linewireink, Mar 27, 2002.

  1. linewireink

    linewireink TRIBE Member

    clonk+wabi present
    dj's: otaku.nitsuji.ozawa.task
    visuals: clonk/wabi/kero
    date: 03.29.02
    time: 10pm - 3am
    location: 725 queen street east
    tickets $10 at the door

    after many years of putting on events parallel to the wabi collective
    clonk and wabi have finally gotten together to present an evening of
    difficult techno listening, dancing and visualizing. we are happy to
    announce for this special occasion clonk and wabi have brought the
    crackling broken glitchy live sounds of shitkatapult
    [http://www.shitkatapult.com] artists: apparat from berlin and from
    detroit kero. But this is not all we have to present to you for the
    evenings entertainment. clonk resident audio manipulator and recent signie
    to noise factory records [http://www.noisefactoryrecords.com]: naw brings
    you his own brand of glitchy lap top techno dubness along with the smooth
    clicky sounds of wabi resident djs: otaku, nitsuji ozawa and task.
    We are equally happy to bring to you on the same night images both static
    and moving: with collaborations by clonk and wabi resident artists along
    with special guest kero.
    the event takes place on friday march 29 2002 at one of our favorite downtown toronto
    queen street east locations: 725 queen street east (blue moon)
    tickets are 10 dollars at the door and start time is 10pm and goes until
    3am approx.
    we hope to see you out out this friday for this event and stay tuned
    for updates on future clonk events, happening in may and in june.
    make sure to check out or web site for frequent updates and info on this
    and other upcoming events.

    thank you for your continued support


    neil and kristyn

    for more info see:
  2. derek

    derek TRIBE Member

    I'll be there fo' sure.


    Derek aka neurotek
  3. ElektroTekBabe

    ElektroTekBabe TRIBE Member

    This was a rather interesting event...

    The music was VERY experimental, and had a nice chill vibe to it. The people were awesome as usual, and the decor was pretty dark. Oh yeah, and attempting to play pool after drinking wine and vodka was fun too! :p
  4. linewireink

    linewireink TRIBE Member

    glad to hear that you had fun our next event is may 11th
    with chain reaction recording artists tiki mann and scion
    more details to come in the comming weeks.... this event should be an interesting night we are in the process of finalizing details of the local talent to appear at the night along side this legendary duo.....
    soo look out for a night of lots of tag team versus action ....
    along with our per usual wounderfull visual contributers....
    this event will be a benfit for the 3 day stage clonk is curating for the om festival.....
    more details to come on every thing

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