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~*...a whole lot can happen outta tha blue...*~

that 420 guy

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in august, i was enjoying a hoegaarden with a friend on the patio at montanas. while sippin our belgian ales, a large group of people walked by us on john street bangin away on drums and percussion wearing shirts that said samba squad.

the samba squad proceeded to the corner of adelaide and john in front of hooters, where they took over the street with sound and rhythm. my friend and i followed them, fascinated and intrigued by this roaming group of percussionists.

there were even people on stilts spinning fire in the street, and hundreds of spectators flooded john street to dance and celebrate. no traffic was going through that intersection for at least fifteen minutes before the police showed up and cleared the road.

the entire time i was in the street dancing and enjoying this random celebration of creativity and expression, i couldn't help but think daam this city is kewl shit!. how often do you have an impromptu street party with fire spinners, percussion, and stilt walkers in the entertainment district? (memories of 2thabeat on blackout night fill my mind *lesigh*).

a whole lot can happen outta tha blue

when last did something unexpected and incredible hit you out of the blue?

- that i love daze like this guy :cool:


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a lady's runaway shopping cart nailed my car yesterday. That was outta the blue. and not in a good way.



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my "outta the Blue " moment was the night of the Blackout in the summer.

A couple friends and I decided to go for a beer like many others did. We ended up at Victory Cafe , there was a funny/kew/strange vibe as the sun went down .. everyone was a liitle drunker than usualy so after some poor guy riding his bike crashed in the pitch dark,and yelled out "im OK" everyone started cheering , then tabkes started cheering at other tables on the patio...and the the entire patio was cheering.....then when cars would drive by they would honk and everyone would cheer, this continued for the next hour until I left. It was such random fun.


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A few years ago, when I was still living in Toronto, my roommate and I were riding the University subway line north, to Downsview station. It had been a long day, and I was feeling a little burnt out, giddy, and bored. (A dangerous combination)

Anyway, without any provocation, I started brushing 'bugs' off my clothes. I began whispering "Bugs... Bugs everywhere... Please help... " As this went on, I got more and more animated. My roommate, accustomed to my antics, at first just smiled and thought it was funny. So I escalated my tactics.

I flung myself on the floor and starting yelling at him about the 'bugs'. I was flailing my arms wildly at my chest, madly brushing off the 'bugs'. Alternately, I would clutch at the leg of his pants and plead for help.

After about a minute of this, I pulled myself up his leg and sat down sobbing beside him. "You didn't help me", I cried. He looked aghast. It was wonderful.

Finally I just settled down and sat quietly beside him. He still looked a little bit stunned.

After we got off the subway and he was sure I was just being an idiot, we had a pretty good laugh about it. I'm pretty sure that struck some other subway patrons as being "right out fo the blue."
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Originally posted by patri©k

their latest CD is pretty fucking cool.

Except for the singing. I just like the drum rhythms, the singing (ie... cheez like "Whoooa, it's a dancehall nation") annoys me.



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Originally posted by Littlest Hobo
"Once I saws a blimp!"
The old lady and I went on a blimp ride over T.O. this summer... kind of outta the blue...

It gives you a different perspective on life for about 5 hours.
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Originally posted by echootje
Except for the singing. I just like the drum rhythms, the singing (ie... cheez like "Whoooa, it's a dancehall nation") annoys me.

yeah. there's one track that sounds like it's taken a sample from an old club tune (circa 95) fuck... I'm gonna go get the CD



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Originally posted by Chubbs
p.s. I think Samba squad is preforming at the Promise New Years party.

if the whole crew is going.. that's gonna be fucking hexpensive. ESPECIALLY on nye. I was looking into showcasing these guys at a jam... but yeah... the price was a little hefty.

however... they are absolutely fucking incredible. :) and worth every penny.



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Taken from Promise's email:
The event features some of our best local electronic music talent and we will be visited by an exciting 30-piece live Samba group to bring in the New Year.
Im assuming this is them, I've never seen any other 30 peice acts around town.
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that 420 guy

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one day, while posting on tribe, i was searching for the name of a hauz music track. how that song came to my head is another out of the blue story (hi jar hi luci). that day a good portion of my thoughts were also on a close friend of mine whom i used to live with, dirty girl. i hadn't seen her in a bit, and was wondering how she was doing.

well, it didn't take more than the day for someone to identify the track i was looking for (thanks benjamin). excited and overjoyed that i now knew the name of the track, i posted my thanks in that thread.

later that day, i returned to the house music forum only to see that dirty girl had posted in that thread. i was surprised, cause she doesn't have a computer at home and when she does have access to one its usually here at my office. but i hadn't seen her all day, actually i hadn't seen her in a couple days. so i opened up the thread and to my surprise my thank you post for finding the name of the track was by dirty girl:confused::confused:. she was not signed in on my computer, i don't know her password, hell she doesn't even use my computer when she's here. yet there i was being dirty girl.:confused: she was on my mind all day, and then *poof*, there i am being her.

a whole lotta strange shit can happen outta tha blue.

- that tuned in guy


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oddly that happens with myself and *TheLquidWeasel* all the time. It just occurred to me (D = R * T) that it's probably some crazy SNAFU with the proxy servers at our office. We'd be on the same subnet of our office LAN, and it's probably got something to do with that.

You might be experiencing a similar effect.

Of course, I might just be talking out of my ass here, and people shouldn't pay much attention. Which, I imagine, won't be much of a challenge given the number of responses to my little anecdote I posted earlier in this thread.

that 420 guy

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Originally posted by seeker
Which, I imagine, won't be much of a challenge given the number of responses to my little anecdote I posted earlier in this thread.
i read it, and smiled. i would've probably smiled a bigger smile if i was on that subway watchin you...then i'd think it takes all kinds to make up this melting pot and give you some muskoil for future attacks :p

- that seen some strange shit on the subway guy :cool:

Sunshyne Jones

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about a week or two ago
i was riding on the subway
and a guy on the same car as me started singing
his eye is on the sparrow
a spiritual or gospel song

and he was amazing
truly truly a gifted singer

what was really cool was that he was givin 'er you know
really singing with all his skill
and all his heart
and not loud as can be but clear as a bell and with great tone
and sensitivity and interpretation of the song

it was amazing

poeple were on their way home from work, shopping etc
a bunch of usually sour commuters, me included

and we were all smiling
at him, at one another, or just sitting there smiling and listening

and when he was finished
- which wasn't till he was good and ready and completely finished the song with a beautiful flourish -
the whole car clapped and cheered for the boy
who had done an impromptu serenade
for us
on the way home on the subway

never saw anything like it on the subway before

it was definitely one happy moment in time. makes me a little less grumpy (having a grumpy day today) even just to tell it to y'all.

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that 420 guy

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during the world youth day pilgrimmage i was playin some ultimate frisbee down by the queen quay and bathurst area. during that week, anytime i saw someone lookin at a map, i'd ask them if i could give them directions. well a plethora of pilgrims were walkin by the field we were playing at (or just played at). i saw a nun lookin at a map (she was from russia), so i rode up to her on my lowrider and asked if i could help direct her to her destination (union station).

she commented on how pretty my bike was to which i responded "when last did you sit on a banana seat?. she couldn't remember, so i encouraged her to take my bike for a little spin. man, that image of a nun in full garb riding my bike will never leave my mind. other pilgrims were laughing, clapping, and taking pictures including one priest from poland. as he laughed, i said hey, you wanna try it?. that shit was even funnier....definitely front page of the toronto sun it would have been if i had a camera *lesigh* a priest in a robe riding a chrome lowrider *bwahahahaha* never knew jesus could bling :D ain't ever seen a preist floss so much chrome before in my life, never thought i would.

nuff tingz happen outta da blue for me, i just smile and take em with thanks and praises.

- that jesus is my homeboy guy